Study skills

Our study skills activities help students to develop a range of academic skills to enhance their current studies and begin to prepare them for university level study.

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Discover Study Skills

Suitable for Years 12 and 13 students, the programme includes:

  • Workshops on key academic skills delivered at the University or in schools and colleges
  • Visits to the University to introduce students to university level study, including visits to the University library and use of digital resources

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Study Skills sessions available for schools and colleges

Sessions Type of activity
Introduction to the EPQ Presentation
Getting started with research (EPQ) Workshop
Research visit to the University of Sheffield (suitable for students working on the EPQ or another research assignment) Workshop followed by research time in the University Library
Academic resilience Workshop
Critical thinking Workshop
Essay writing skills Workshop
Presentation skills Workshop
Lectures & note taking Workshop

All session timings are bespoke to the individual school or college.

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Research skills and critical thinking tutorials for school and college students

Our University Library, in collaboration with local schools and colleges, has designed a comprehensive set of open access online resources for students in Post-16 education to develop the skills to succeed in their current academic work and in the transition to Higher Education.

The research skills and critical thinking tutorials for school and college students include worksheets, videos and online tutorials that can be incorporated into lessons or used as resources for students to work through independently.

Research skills and critical thinking tutorials

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