Study skills

Our study skill activities help students to develop a range of academic skills to enhance their current studies and begin to prepare them for university level study.

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Students who want to participate must be attending a state school.

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Discover Study Skills

Suitable for Years 7-13, the programme includes:

  • Workshops on key academic skills delivered at university or in schools and colleges
  • Full day visits to the University to introduce students to university level study, including working with current undergraduates and campus tours
  • Free access to Discover Study Skills Online independent learning modules

Discover Study Skills Online

This is a free online resource for all. Access is available via the website below.

Discover Study Skills

Study Skills sessions available for schools and colleges

Sessions Type of activity Audience
Introduction to the EPQ Presentation Years 12 and 13
Getting started with research (EPQ) Workshop Years 12 and 13
Academic resilience Workshop Years 12 and 13
Critical thinking Workshop Years 12 and 13
Essay writing skills Workshop Years 12 and 13
Presentation skills Workshop Years 12 and 13
Lectures & note-taking Workshop Years 12 and 13

To discuss these sessions with our team, email us directly at

Access Sheffield

Depending on circumstances, we may be able to give undergraduate applications additional consideration when we receive them.