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We have created a range of presentations and workshops that we can deliver in your school or college.

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You will need to email the Schools and Colleges Team directly to organise any of these activities. The team can also work with you to produce more bespoke activities.

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Current presentations and workshops

All session timings are bespoke to the individual school or college.

Introduction to Higher Education

Year 12            Gatsby - 1, 2, 3, 7

This talk gives students an insight into what Higher Education is, the benefits of HE, the application process, and what University is all about. There are plenty of examples of University life and experiences at Sheffield.

Why choose university?

Year 12            Gatsby 1, 2, 7

This talk introduces the benefits of Higher Education, including skill development, career prospects, independence, and other aspects of student life.

Choosing your course and university

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby - 1, 2, 3, 7

This session covers the range of factors that students need to consider when choosing a course and university. It is designed for the individual to think about their own interests and stresses the importance of researching different courses and institutions

Applying to Russell Group universities & competitive courses

Year 12            Gatsby 1, 3, 7

This informative talk introduces competitive courses and the Russell Group, highlighting some of the positive aspects that Russell Group universities can bring to their students. The talk also focuses on how students can be competitive applicants and what they can be doing now to strengthen their skills and university application in order to stand out from the crowd

Introduction to study skills

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1 & 7

This is an interactive workshop that introduces the importance of study skills and qualities, then gets students working on activities that focus on note-taking, creative thinking and academic resilience.

Student finance and managing your money

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1 & 7

This talk delivers the most up to date information on the student finance package available to students from the government. It also covers the bursaries and scholarships offered by the University.

The section on managing your money broadens students' understanding of the wider costs associated with attending university and introduces them to budgeting. 

Student Life

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1 & 7

This talk gives students an insight into what it is like to be a student at The University of Sheffield. It covers the range of opportunities and experiences available to students throughout their studies, including studying abroad, placement years, part-time work and Languages for All.

Preparing for a UCAS exhibition

Year 12            Gatsby 1, 2, 3, 7

This interactive session aims to prepare students for upcoming UCAS exhibitions and covers the range of factors that students need to consider when choosing a course and university. It is designed for the individual to think about their own interests and stresses the importance of researching different courses and institutions

Preparing for a virtual HE fair

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1, 2, 3, 7

This interactive session discusses the different types of virtual Higher Education Fairs that are available to them and how students can make the most of them. The session also covers how students can use these events (and other virtual events) to decide on a course and a university.

The session stresses the importance of researching different courses and institutions and encourages students to think about their own priorities.

Why Sheffield?

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1 & 7

An introduction to Sheffield – the University and the city. This session covers the range of courses, opportunities and facilities available to prospective students

Careers and Professional Development

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1, 2, 3, 7

This talk focuses on how students can increase their employability and skill set while at University. The talk covers how different University degrees will enhance student employability, and what other opportunities and extra-curriculars are on offer outside of their course. The talk finishes with encouraging students to think about their own future career plans and what skills they want to develop.

The UCAS process

Year 12            Gatsby 1 & 7

A talk that introduces students to the actual process of applying to university through UCAS. This session perfectly combines with either 'Choosing a course and university' or 'Personal statements' to provide students with more guidance on key parts of the application.

Personal statements

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1, 3, 7

This session is designed for students in the early stages of their application process. The interactive workshop focuses on the structure of the statement and helps students identify their skills and experiences.

Transition to university

Year 12 & 13        Gatsby 1, 7

A talk on the transition to university, focusing on both the academic differences between sixth form/college and University, but also looking at moving away from home, increased independence as a student, and the support available to students.

Introduction to the EPQ

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1, 4, 7

This session is an introduction to the EPQ and the process that students go through. It is not an academic study skills session. It is best delivered before students have signed up for the EPQ, or just as they are beginning the process.

Graduate top tips for university life

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1, 3, 7

Delivered by current students and recent graduates, this interactive talk explores top tips and advice for making the transition to university life. Suitable for post-16 students at all stages, stereotypes and myths surrounding higher education are tackled head-on, alongside an exploration of frequent worries and concerns students may have before going to university.

HE Quiz

Year 12            Gatsby 1, 3, 7

An interactive quiz addressing many misconceptions surrounding higher education. The quiz of 6 rounds involves university trivia, increases students' knowledge of the range of higher education options and takes students through key stages of applying to university.

Student support for UKI students 

Y12 and 13            Gatsby benchmarks 1, 3, 7 

At the University we recognise that we receive applications from international students who are already studying at UK sixth forms and that these students have specific support needs. This talk can be delivered to groups of UK-based international students and outlines the student support available at the University of Sheffield from visa support to vacation activities for those staying on campus year-round. 

Student ambassador and Alumni talks

Year 12 & 13            Gatsby 1, 3 and 7

This is an opportunity to book one or more of our student ambassadors (current students), to speak to your students. Student Ambassadors can offer personal insight from a subject-specific perspective or alternatively, alumni from your school/college could talk about their own experience of progression to university.

Stress Management and Wellbeing

The talk covers what stress and wellbeing are, as well as how to identify when you may be experiencing stress. It explores how to prevent and deal with stress in academic situation, focusing on planning time around assignments/ exams both at school and at university. It covers why students may experience more stress when transitioning to university and how to minimise this. It finishes by exploring the support available to students at school and university.

Subject specific sessions

Applying to Medicine and Dentistry

Year 12 Gatsby 1 & 7

This talk covers medicine and dentistry as a career, the application process and how to be a competitive applicant.

Medicine and Dentistry ‘mock’ interviews

Year 13 Gatsby 1 & 7

This provides Medicine and Dentistry applicants an opportunity to attend a ‘mock’ interview with a current Medical or Dentistry student. Feedback and advice are provided to the applicant following the interview.

Intro to STEM

Year 12 & 13 Gatsby 1,3,4,7

This talk covers what STEM subjects are, the benefits of studying a STEM subject, and some of the potential career destinations following a STEM degree. The range of STEM subjects available at Sheffield is covered, alongside information on how to choose a STEM subject and how students can narrow down their options. Myths and student concerns surrounding STEM degrees are tackled via an interactive quiz.

Subject overviews

Year 12 & 13 Gatsby 1 & 7

This session explores each of the 5 faculties at the University of Sheffield and the degree disciplines offered within each faculty. For each faculty, both graduate career destinations and faculty-specific careers support offered to students are discussed.

The session discusses extra opportunities offered at University and how these can increase students' employability, as well as asking students to think about which career paths they are interested now. The session concludes by discussing various resources students can use to find out more about which degrees and careers are best suited to them.

Alumni schools speaker series

Our alumni go on to exciting careers all over the world. Many of them keep in touch with us after graduation and welcome the opportunity to talk to students about the benefits of going to University, share their experiences and career journeys and answer questions.

We offer bespoke, general or subject specific talks and Q&A sessions, whatever works best for you. We may even be able to match you with a graduate who previously attended your school or college.

School Groups

We can arrange a visit with a tailored itinerary that can include a mix of sessions such as taster lectures, campus tours, applications and personal statement advice, an introduction to student finance and student life sessions with current students. Subject to staff availability, these visits can be arranged at any time in the year through the School and Colleges Liaison team.

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