Students' and Parents' Experiences

Below you can read about some of the experiences of students and their parents in their own words as they prepared to make the transition to life at the University.

Students' Experiences

Parents' Experiences

North of Watford!

I arrived looking forward to exploring the city of Sheffield and getting involved in the many things that university has to offer. My main worry was that I was going north of Watford.

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When Ollie got three offers we, being southerners, thought he would choose London or Cardiff, but, no, he liked, and wanted to go to, Sheffield.

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"Before coming to Sheffield University, I remember feeling a mix of emotions. A sense of excitement and positive anticipation were certainly high on the list..."

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"Our daughters (twins – Vicky and Jo – what a handful, but that's another story!) first started talking about going to University some time ago. We didn't take too much notice..."

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From Hong Kong

I can still remember vividly the application, preparation and everything relating to my being a visiting student here in Sheffield. It began in late January 2005, when I handed in my application form and relevant documents to my home faculty.

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Last April, when my daughter told me that she would be going to the University of Sheffield for a one-year exchange programme, I was not surprised because, to my family, the UK is just like another home.

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On your way

"So, you've received your A-level results, you've found out if you made it into your first choice, insurance choice, or whether you, like me, have been exceptionally fortunate and got a better course at a better university than you deserved through the magic of Clearing!..."

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"After the nightmare of A Levels, UCAS forms, clearing, loan applications,accommodation applications for places never even visited, bank accounts and the all-important overdraft to sort out, we finally set off in our car/removal van to 'sunny' Sheffield..."

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