Students' and Parents' Experiences

It´s OK North of Watford!

I arrived looking forward to exploring the city of Sheffield and getting involved in the many things that university has to offer. Over the first week I found Sheffield to be particularly friendly: more so than London. You would just have to look remotely lost and people would run up to you, eager to lead you in the right direction. After the usual three questions had been exhausted (What's your name? Where do you come from? What are you studying?) I realised you could start a relationship in a much more interesting way by being slightly different/strange: "What's your favourite fish?"

I realised I would need a laptop but was useless setting up software. Fortunately I had a mechanical engineer on my floor who relished putting together all sorts of programmes on my computer. I think he can probably access it now whenever he likes! By the end of Intro Week I had bits of paper covering the floor of my room and had run out of home made cake so it was time to rely on hall food (which has been good so far) and begin the pre-med year.

Having come from a Spanish/sports science/geography background this year was going to be interesting. Whereas before I was used to the luxuries of colouring in rivers in geography, I was now anxious to find out how I would fare at Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Getting to the college (where the pre med takes place) would prove to be hairy enough cycling down one of the steepest of Sheffield´s famous hills - still I was not going to be late for lessons. Getting home I found out would be quite a task and there was no need to do much cardiovascular work in the gym!

I entered the football trials and managed to get into the first team with a mate of mine A friend organised more football in the inter mural tournament. Our team was sponsored by a restaurant, the infamous Balti King of Broomhill, and we were each going to have a curry on our backs, I was to have 'Dopiaza 6'. There was so much to do and get involved in! This made meeting people easy but when was I/am I going to do any work?

There were 18 of us on the pre med all contemplating the amount of time it was going to take for us to escape University and be able to perform a triple coronary bypass but, first things first, what are cells?

There are always the initial nerves of leaving family/friends and starting a new big adventure in a new place but there´s no time to waste with all the things to explore and with it the many interesting, diverse people you'll meet some of whom will become life long friends! So far north of Watford isn´t too bad!

Oliver Wheatly-O´Neill
First Year