Financial support from the University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield Bursary scheme

Bursaries are awards from the university that do not have to be repaid. These are on top of any support received from Student Finance and are payable for every year of a course.

Awards range from £500 to £3,000 per year. The actual amount the student gets is dependent on their household income, postcode and grades before coming to university.

Students don’t have to apply for a bursary. We use the information submitted to Student Finance to automatically assess our students. We’ll contact all eligible students once they have started their course to let them know whether they are eligible for a bursary of not.

There are also bursaries available to students who are carers for ill or disabled family members, care leavers and students who are estranged from their family. Students should email if they think they might be eligible for one of these awards.

Full details of the University of Sheffield Bursary scheme and eligibility criteria can be found on our prospective student web pages.


There are scholarships available to help students fund their studies and enhance their learning experiences.

Our funding calculator, on the right hand side of this page, enables students to see which scholarships they can apply for based on their predicted grades and the course they are looking at studying.

Financial Support Fund

The University has funding available to support students facing unexpected financial difficulties. Further information on our Financial Support Fund can be found on our current student webpages.

Applications can only be accepted once a student has started their course.

Use our student funding calculator, on the right hand side of this page, to see whether students are eligible for a bursary, scholarship or other awards.