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Keeping track

UK universities are not permitted to release information about academic progress or attendance (or anything else) to any third party without that student´s express consent. This includes parents. After the age of 18 your son or daughter is an independent adult, so if you want to know about their academic progress, ask them.

Examination results are issued regularly to every student on a taught course – usually after the end of each semester. If they inform you that they are facing academic problems, try to find out why. University work is very challenging and even A+ students may receive their first poor grades at this level. There is plenty of academic support available if they find a subject difficult.

All students are allocated a personal tutor who will be available to discuss academic or personal concerns on a 1 to1 basis with them.

Rights and responsibilities

For details of your son or daughters rights and responsibilities whilst at University: Student Rights and Responsibilities information.