Information for Parents & Carers

When your son or daughter starts at University it marks the start of an exciting new phase for the whole family. While the next few years will probably be amongst the best of their lives, this can also mean a big adjustment for everyone especially if s/he is the first in the family to enter Higher Education. For many, it’s the start of independent living, away from well-known places and people and everything that’s familiar. 

We realise that parents can have concerns about this new way of life and hope that the information in Frequently Asked Questions goes some way to address them. 

There will be major differences between your relationship with the University and that which you had with schools. The University of Sheffield’s relationship is with students, not with parents – even those paying the tuition fees. This is sometimes difficult for parents who naturally wish to be involved with important aspects of the student’s life but University policy and UK law recognise students as adults and restrict our relationship with third parties. The University is registered with the Data Protection Authorities as a holder of confidential data (e.g. names, addresses, progress of students); this prohibits the University from disclosing or even confirming data to anyone.

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