Student in kitchen

What happens during the first few weeks?

This is a very busy, exciting but also potentially quite a tiring and stressful time.

Some new students are reluctant to join in the social events or feel uncomfortable in crowds of strangers; you can help by encouraging them to take part from the beginning.  Large-scale activities, such as clubs, lively bars etc. are very popular, but many students like smaller or quieter activities instead of, or as a change from these.  The Students' Union and the University work together to ensure that there are events to help all students begin to feel that they belong.

Student assistants host many of the events; they will be glad to welcome your son or daughter.

The challenges of making new friends and adjusting to new situations take time and effort.  Some students take to the new environment immediately; for others it's a longer process.  Home-sickness and feelings of isolation are more common than students realise.  We can help by introducing them to a mentor in their department or one who can assist them with transition into other parts of student life.

They will miss you but might not get in touch as often as you'd like. Call them…but not too often.