Life in Sheffield

When students choose the University of Sheffield, they're not just coming to one of Britain's finest universities. They're choosing a place to live that's the best in the UK for student life; in a city like no other.

Home to over half a million people, including more than 60,000 students, Sheffield is situated centrally in the UK and is England’s 4th largest city. Bordering the beautiful Peak District National Park, it is a city of stunning landscapes; the greenest in Europe. There are seven hills, five rivers, two and a half million trees and more parks and woodland than any other UK city.

People from all over the world have made Sheffield their home and it’s not surprising, that after graduating, more students decide to stay on and live in Sheffield than in any other city. A recent 2013 study using Home Office data found Sheffield to be England’s safest major city. It’s a rich, diverse, multicultural city that is rightly proud of the easy-going and tolerant reputation it’s earned.

Sheffield is always developing and yet it has kept its sense of community. Here, our students live fully as part of the community, which means they’re entirely immersed in the day to day life of this fine city. We’re proud that our city recognises its students as a real asset and offers them such a warm welcome.

The City Centre

The University is an open campus and located within the city. The city centre is compact and easy to walk around, with good pedestrian areas and plenty of public spaces. Our accommodation and the local residential suburbs are nearby and well served by frequent public transport.

Parks and Peaks

62% of Sheffield is green space and a third of the city is inside the Peak District National Park. There are around 50 public parks, gardens and specially designed public areas.

Cultural Sheffield

Sheffield is home to several important galleries and museums and one of the most important theatre complexes in the UK.

Social Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the leading cultural centres in the UK and is the home of many influential bands and artists. Famous for its venues and nightlife, Sheffield has a continual calendar of events, concerts, festivals and fairs throughout the year.

Sheffield Districts

Although the city centre is relatively small, Sheffield extends out over a very large area. The suburbs local to the University are very individual; each with their own unique character.

Our Students Union

Our students Union is consistently voted no 1 in the UK. It’s run for students by students, and offers the opportunity for your son or daughter to get involved and make their thoughts heard.