Sarah Poniros - Roman migration patterns

For her PhD Sarah is researching the Roman migration patterns based on skeletal, archaeological, and written evidence.

PhD researcher
  • Name: Sarah Poniros
  • Faculty: Arts & Humanities
  • Scholarship: Faculty of Arts and Humanities Doctoral Academy Award

Tell us about your background and your chosen research project.

My PhD project is an extension of my Masters dissertation. My Masters dissertation proposed a change in the ways in which archaeologists and anthropologists study migration and diversity, arguing for a multi-disciplinary approach.

My PhD project attempts to implement this type of approach using both bioanthropological and archaeological methods on sites across Roman Britain. It is my hope that my proposed approach can be applied to a variety of archaeological populations in the future.

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

I first chose Sheffield for an MSc in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology. The program that the Archaeology Department offers is honestly one of the only of its kind in the world, so it was truly a no-brainer.

I decided to stay on and apply for a PhD in the same field because I was inspired by the work of my supervisors, Dr. Elizabeth Craig-Atkins and Prof. Maureen Carroll. They are both successful, hardworking women in academia and their guidance has truly been instrumental in my own personal successes.

What did winning the scholarship mean to you?

Winning this scholarship to complete my PhD studies was truly invaluable. I never would have been able to complete my PhD without it. I am so grateful to have been awarded this scholarship, as my PhD experiences have opened so many doors for me.

I am so grateful to have been awarded this scholarship, as my PhD experiences have opened so many doors for me

Sarah Poniros

PhD student, Department of Archaeology & Prehistory

What has your experience of doing a PhD at Sheffield been so far?

I have had a wonderful experience so far at Sheffield. I have grown so much as a researcher and a writer. I now feel comfortable continuing my career in academia, which is something I would not have been able to do without a PhD in my field.

What are your future plans?

Have a plan, but be willing to change that plan immensely as you go along. Don't get hung up on the things that go wrong, as these are often valuable experiences that will enhance your project.

Do you have any advice for future prospective PhD students?