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Explore profiles of our PhD researchers to find out about life as a PhD student and how, for some, a scholarship helped their studies.

PhD scholarship holder

I would not have started this PhD without winning this scholarship

Yuhua Wang Faculty of Social Sciences Doctoral Academy Award

For her research Yuhua is conducting research to better understand the factors that influence digital inclusion for active and healthy ageing among older people.

PhD researcher

The department of Urban Studies and Planning offers a very supportive environment

Patricia Schappo University Prize Scholarships

For her PhD Patricia is doing a comparative study involving the role of marketplaces for urban development, in the direction of supporting more socially just outcomes for disadvantaged urban communities.

PhD researcher

Spend enough time to find the right match of project for you

Kezia Sasitharan Faculty of Science Doctoral Academy Award

For her research project Kezia is exploring 2-D metal-organic nanosheets as new generation photoactive materials in organic bulk heterojunction solar cells.

PhD researcher

Winning this scholarship to complete my PhD studies was truly invaluable

Sarah Poniros Faculty of Arts and Humanities Doctoral Academy Award

For her PhD Sarah is researching the Roman migration patterns based on skeletal, archaeological, and written evidence.

PhD researcher

Never stop trying as we all have potential and the difference is the way we use it

Safirun Pervin Faculty of Science Doctoral Academy Award

Safirun is doing a PhD that focuses on sustainable rice cultivation by looking at the biological nitrification inhibitors in paddy rice cultivars.

PhD researcher

Winning the scholarship meant that I could continue with my studies, doing novel, 'crazy' research

Sourabh Paul Faculty of Engineering Doctoral Academy Award

For his PhD, Sourabh is investigating various additive manufacturing strategies, including selective laser melting and binder jetting for processing nickel superalloys.

PhD researcher

This helped me to realise my childhood dream of studying in this country

Yashwanth Kumar Demakethepalli Ramamurthy Faculty of Science Doctoral Academy Award

His research Yashwanth Kumar aims to design cosolutes that help to make formulations with longer shelf life. This could help biopharmaceutical companies to come up with antibodies, vaccines, drugs that are stable for a long time.

PhD researcher

Without the scholarship, I wouldn't have had this opportunity

Gemma Horton Faculty of Social Sciences Doctoral Academy Award

Gemma is researching how the right to privacy of celebrities is balanced with the right to freedom of expression following the conclusion of the Leveson Inquiry.

PhD researcher

Never give up on finding the positions you feel are entitled to

Mahmoud Jalali Mehrabad University Prize Scholarship

Mahmoud is conducting research on quantum computation.

PhD Student

My advice is to not give up, to apply for a project that you truly care about

Cher Farrugia Faculty of Health Doctoral Academy Award

For her PhD project Cher aims to investigate the role of oral microorganisms in the initiation of cardiovascular disease.

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