Research away from the University

The University's General Regulations governing Higher Degrees (regulations 15-18) allow you to pursue all or part of your programme of research for an MPhil or PhD award at a specified place away from the University.

Within the scope of these regulations the University has developed a number of arrangements to appropriately administer and monitor this activity. The choice of arrangement depends on the proposed programme of research and whether you are classified as a UK or non-UK student.

International and European Union students – Remote Location scheme

For EU and International students not resident in the UK the University operates a Remote Location scheme, through which you can study for a University of Sheffield MPhil or PhD by undertaking research at an overseas institution.

Candidates are required to attend the University in order to meet a number of statutory requirements. These will include all viva voce examinations. However, they spend the majority of their programme of research at the remote location site, and should not spend more than eight consecutive weeks in the UK at any time during the course of their degree.

Academic approval for a candidate to study under the Remote Location scheme must be gained from the appropriate faculty during the application process.

Remote Location scheme

Other research away from the University

UK students who wish to pursue part of their programme of research away from the University, and EU and International students who do not qualify for the Remote Location scheme, must gain faculty approval. Faculty approval is given on a case-by-case basis, and is based on a written submission by the appropriate academic department. Students should submit an application using the usual online application form, indicating that they wish to study away from the University.

The progress of candidates undertaking research away from the University will be the same as candidates based in Sheffield, and the requirement for full-time students to fulfil the regulations relating to the Doctoral Development Programme will remain.