World-leading research training environments

Our Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) and Industrial Doctoral Centres (IDCs) offer talented individuals the opportunity to undertake innovative and exciting training programmes that address global challenges facing society, today and in the future. Many of the three to four-year programmes comprise a first year of taught courses in core topics leading to a full PhD or EngD research project developed by the student with their supervisor. Many of the PhD projects also involve industrial interaction and supervision and EngD projects have a high level of industrial involvement in driving the research. The technical programme is supplemented by a transferable skills training programme.

Parrot ACCEAdapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment (ACCE) DTP

Providing doctoral training in the biological components of the natural environment and related disciplines.

ACSE_DTC_Image_125x125Control and Systems Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training

Study your PhD at the department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, a unique department with a widely acknowlegded reputation for world-leading research.

Data and SocietyESRC Data Analytics and Society Centre for Doctoral Training

Data Analytics and Society CDT will provide postgraduate research and training for 52 students across the Universities of Leeds,  Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

The CDT will encourage significant advances which bring together social science with methods from computing, mathematics and the natural sciences.

Machining ScienceEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Machining Science

The IDC in Machining Science offers talented graduates the opportunity to learn and earn at the cutting edge of manufacturing engineering.

STREAMEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Engineering and Water Sector STREAM

EngD projects that tackle today's water sector challenges such as climate change, energy efficiency and pollution control.

Advanced Metallic SystemsEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Metallic Systems

World-class training for a new generation of materials specialists on real-world industrial problems. 

solarEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and its Applications

This centre is funded by the EPSRC and aims to tackle industrial challenges and develop new technologies and skills that will enable the UK to meet its low carbon targets.

Polymer CDTEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Polymers, Soft Matter and Colloids

Collaborating with a broad range of industrial partners to deliver a training programme that will inspire PhD students to become the next generation of leading research scientists and engineers.

TribologyEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Tribology

This centre provides industry and academia with the next generation of engineers and scientists, cohort educated in core skills and specialist research expertise in tribology integrated across scientific disciplines and industry sectors.

Carbon Capture CDTEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy

The Centre in Efficient Fossil Energy Technologies aims to produce research leaders to tackle the major national and international challenges in implementing new power plants to generate electricity more efficiently using fossil energy with near zero emissions.

Grantham centre logoGrantham Centre for Sustainable Futures

PhD projects that require an interdisciplinary approach to problems of food sustainability, energy, climate, and the environment.

MRC DiMeNMRC Discovery Medicine North (DiMeN) Doctoral Training Partnership

Utilising the combined expertise of four world-leading institutions (Universities of Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield) to train the next generation of researchers to tackle the major health problems facing the population.

Nuclear CDTNext Generation Nuclear

The EPSRC Next Generation Nuclear Centre for Doctoral Training is a four-year postgraduate programme which includes a year of masters level taught material. There are strong links with industry and many of the projects are part funded by one of our industrial partners e.g. AmecFW, Areva, AWE, EdF Energy, NDA, NNL, Rolls-Royce, Sellafield Ltd.

Next Generation Nuclear is a collaboration between The Universities of Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

Photovoltaics CDTPhotovoltaics Centre for Doctoral Training

The PV CDT is a multicentre team composed of seven universities - Liverpool, Bath, Sheffield, Loughborough, Southampton, Oxford and Cambridge - that will train highly-skilled students capable of transforming state-of-the-art research and development across the sustainable energy and PV sectors.

Welcome TrustPublic Health, Economics and Decision Science, Wellcome Trust DTC

We seek to train the next generation of researchers in conducting high-quality research into the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of complex multi-component public health interventions and policies to reduce non-communicable - or chronic diseases.

This PhD programme is unique in its focus on interdisciplinary public health, health economics, mathematical modelling and statistics.

Social SciencesWhite Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership

The White Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership, accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council in 2016, is a collaboration in the social sciences at the White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, in partnership with the Universities of Bradford, Sheffield Hallam, Hull, and Manchester Metropolitan.

White Rose Mechanistic BiologyWhite Rose DTP in Mechanistic Biology and its strategic application

Research into life-governing processes at all levels of organisation,
from the atomic scale to the whole organism.

White Rose A&HWhite Rose College of Arts and Humanities

This doctoral training partnership will equip high-achieving individuals with the skills and experience to become leaders in their chosen fields, ultimately benefitting the UK economy and society.