Collaborations List

HEDS enjoys extensive collaborations within ScHARR, throughout the University of Sheffield, and with external institutions. The following tables give a brief summmary of our university-based and external collaborations.

External Collaborations

Institution Topic
University of British Columbia Work on quality of life on rheumatoid arthritis
Tufts University (USA) Valuation of the SF-36
University of Hong Kong Valuation of the SF-36
University of Kyoto Valuation of the SF-36
University of Oslo Valuation of the SF-36
Center for Health and Wellbeing (Princeton) and Harvard School of Public Health Determinants of happiness and well-being with a forthcoming visiting fellowship to Princeton.
University of Warwick, London School of Economics, University College London Determinants of happiness and well-being
University of Birmingham and Sheffield Hallam University On the relative social value of a QALY
University of Leeds On equity, access and cost effectiveness
Open University Visiting lectureship in the Department of Economics
University of La Laguna (Spain) and Center for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente (USA) Measuring preferences regarding equity and variations in
Erasmus University and University of York Investigating features of health and health care inequality in Europe and the US
Harvard (USA), McMaster (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Nijmegan (Netherlands) and Texas (USA) Modelling in economic evaluation
Jagiellonian University, Kraków On the Polish healthcare system
University of Maastricht, Holland Health Policy and Management
Academic Unit of Health Economics, University of Leeds Various projects

Collaborations within the University of Sheffield

Department Topic
Criminology On The costs of crime
Economics On Evaluation of the Want2Work pilot scheme in Wales
Geography On The geographical distribution of happiness
Politics On The role of public preferences
Psychology On The relative social value of a QALY
Probability and Statistics On Bayesian statistics in health economics
Sheffield Vascular Institute On Vascular medicine