Facilities for Students

If you choose to study at the University of Sheffield, you will become part of a large community of graduate students, who are well-catered for in terms of facilities and resources, and you will have access to all necessary facilities to help you to successfully complete your degree.


HEDS is located with the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) in and around the Regent Court building. Within the School, there are excellent facilities for PhD study. You will be offered a place in one of the School´s postgraduate student offices, with a computer connected to the campus network and a telephone. You will be given your own computer account that enables use of email, internet, plus all the other normal software packages including word-processing, spreadsheets, specialist statistical packages and on-line journals.

All registered postgraduate research students can use ScHARR's research student offices, all located two minutes' walk from Regent Court.  The offices contain networked PCs, a printer and telephone facilities with 24 hour access.


The University's Information Commons is a five minute walk from ScHARR and is also open 24 hours a day every day of the year.  The Commons includes study space for 1300 students and has extensive wireless internet access.  In addition, you can access the University's electronic resources (including email and library applications) from home using portal.shef.ac.uk.

The University Main Library, located on the main campus about five minutes' walk from Regent Court, offers a full range of modern information-retrieval facilities as well as a pleasant environment for quiet study. It has a comprehensive collection of books and journals in most fields.

ScHARR´s own library, located within Regent Court, complements these facilities, with a ranges of specialist publications for health studies research.


The University offers a variety of language courses for students whose first language is not English. General courses are available, and also courses on thesis writing and on speaking skills for research purposes.  The University provides support services for maths and stats help (MASH), writing advice and other study skills.