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I joined ScHARR in September 1998 as a clinical lecturer in Public Health and was given a personal chair in Public Health in 2010.  I am currently the Deputy Dean of ScHARR and chair of the ScHARR Space Committee.  

Since completing higher specialist training in general practice and public health, I have pursued interests in both developing the public health evidence base and getting evidence into practice through research and teaching. I have an  honorary contract with Public Health England and contribute to public health training in both East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber regions.

Research Interests

I have a research programme in the fields of type 2 diabetes and health inequalities, currently with a focus on evidence-based public health – both evidence synthesis and knowledge translation.

Type 2 diabetes

This is a field of increasing public health importance and of national and international priority. Changes in lifestyles, particularly increasing obesity linked to diet and reductions in physical activity, mean that diabetes will continue to represent a growing threat to public health and major source of increased demand for health services. Our research programme includes both primary research and the synthesis of evidence for the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of diabetes prevention interventions, including risk assessment, in high risk populations.


Inequalities in health and in access to health services are also key areas in current public health policy, with ambitious national targets to reduce inequalities. The Yorkshire & Humber Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) which has attracted £10 million in NIHR funding and £10 million in matched funding over five years from 2014, provides a major opportunity to ensure that tackling inequalities is embedded in both chronic disease research projects and in the implementation of research findings. The CLAHRC Public Health and Inequalities programme is working with local authority and NHS colleagues across the region to develop research projects that directly address health equity.

Teaching Interests

My contribution to teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, both clinical and non-clinical, across a range of different courses is informed by my clinical background and training and on-going involvement in public health policy and practice. I am currently involved in the development of the public health component of undergraduate medical education in Sheffield and I contribute both to the delivery and development of specialist training in both East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber. I also teach on research methods, ethics and public health policy across a number of courses including the MB ChB and ScHARR MPH.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising Research Students in topics related to inequalities and major public health issues, particularly in relation to diabetes risk assessment, prevention and management.

My current students include:

Grahame Whitfield
Israa Rawashdeh
Mohammed Kabir
Alicia Vedio
Penny Siebert

I am second supervisor to:

Noura Aboummah
Anne Scott
Phoebe Pallotti
Phil Jones (Department of Geography)
Catherine Homer (Sheffield Hallam University)

Professional Activities

  • Director of the ScHARR-PHEST (ScHARR-Public Health Evidence Synthesis Team) from 2014 and Director of the ScHARR Public Health Collaborating Centre from 2008 to 2013
  • Member of the Swedish Research Council's Public Health Funding Panel since 2013
  • Academic public health representative on the National Diabetic Eye Screening Programme Research Advisory Committee since 2013
  • Represent the University of Sheffield on the Board & Executive Committee of the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM); the Sheffield Food and Physical Activity Board since 2013
  • Peer reviewer for Lancet, BMJ and 20 other journals and funding bodies
  • Academic supervisor for Yorkshire & Humber and East Midlands Public Health specialist registrars

Current Grants

NIHR HSDR Evidence Synthesis Programme £0.5 million March 2014 - February 2017

EU Framework 7 grant INTEGRATE-HTA (Sheffield PI) total grant 2 million euros; UoS grant €0.72 million euros January 2013 to December 2015

NIHR School of Public Health Research (Sheffield PI) total grant £20 million UoS grant £2.5 million April 2012 - March 2017

NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire & Humber (Public Health lead) total grant £10 million; Public Health theme 0.88 million over 5 years 2014 - 2018

Key Publications

  • Goyder E, Hind D, Breckon J, Dimairo M, Minton J, Everson-Hock E, Cooper C. (2014).  A randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation of 'booster' interventions to sustain increases in physical activity in middle-aged adults in deprived urban neighbourhoods.  Health Technology Assessment, 18(13),1-209.
  • Turner J,  Preston L, Booth A, O'Keeffe C, Campbell F, Jesurasa A, Cooper K, Goyder E.  (2014) What evidence is there for a relationship between organisational features and patient outcomes in congenital heart disease services? A rapid review.  Health Serv Deliv Res 2 (43).
  • Mountain GA, Hind D, Gossage-Worrall R, Walters SJ, Duncan R, Newbould L, Goyder EC.  (2014) 'Putting Life in Years' (PLINY) telephone friendship groups research study: pilot randomised controlled trial.  Trials, 15,141.
  • Baster SK, Blank L, Woods HB, Payne N, Rimmer M & Goyder E. (2014) Using logic model methods in systematic review synthesis: describing complex pathwas in referral management interventions.  BMC Med Res Methodol, 14,62.
  • Booth AR, Norman P, Goyder E, Harris PR, Campbell MJ.  (2014)  Pilot study of a brief intervention based on the theory of planned behaviour and self-identity to increase chlamydia testing among young people living in deprived areas.  British Journal of Health Psychology, 19(3), 636-651.
  • Gardois P, Booth A, Goyder E, Ryan T. (2014) Health promotion interventions for increasing stroke awareness in ethnic minorities: a systematic review of the literature.  BMC Public Health, 14, 409.
  • Goyder EC, Strong M, Green A, Holmes MW, Miles G, Reddington O, Basran G. (2013) Is a large scale community programme as effective as a community rehabilitation programme delivered in the setting  of a clinical trial? BMC Med Res Methodol, 13, 103.
  • Goyder E, Carlisle J, Lawton J, Peters J. (2009) Information needs, information provision and implications for informed choice in diabetes screening: a qualitative study in deprived areas of England.  Diabetes and Primary Care, 3:85-90.
  • Goyder E, Wild S, Fischbaker C, Carlisle J, Peters J. (2008) Evaluating the impact of a national pilot screening programme for type 2 diabetes in deprived areas of England.  Family Practice 2008; 25:370-5.
  • Karnon J, Goyder E, Tappenden P, McPhie S, Towers I, Brazier J, Madan J. (2007) A review and critique of modelling in prioritising and designing screening programmes.  Health Technol Assess 2007; 11:52:1-166.
  • Farmer A, Wade A, Goyder E, Yudkin P, French D, Craven A, Holman R, Kinmonth A, Neil A. (2007) Impact of self-monitoring of blood glucose in the management of patients with non-insulin treated diabetes: open parallel group randomised trial. BMJ 335;132.

Full list of publications available here