Have you ever felt that you could organise your study time more effectively?

Do you want to improve your note-taking or get better at presenting your ideas on paper or in public?

Discover Study Skills Online is a collection of online resources geared to helping sixth form students improve their study techniques, get the best out of their post-16 studies and help prepare for transition to university.

There are ten units which can be accessed in any order, at any time.  Each unit is separated into an introductory video trailer, a screencast to guide the learner through the unit and downloadable activity sheets.

If you want to complete the learning activities, please download the Activity Sheets prior to watching the screencast, as activities will be referred to throughout the unit.  It is estimated that you would need up to 3 hours to complete each unit.

Why not get started now?

Student in University of Sheffield Library getting s book from a shelf 1 DSSO Introductory Unit
2 Time Management Logo Grey 2 DSSO – Organisational Skills
Note taking logo 3 DSSO - Note Taking
4 Research Skills Logo grey 4 DSSO - Research and Information Literacy Skills
5 Group work 5 DSSO - Group Work
6 Presentation Skills logo grey 6 DSSO - Presentation Skills
7 Critical Thinking 7 DSSO - Critical Thinking
8 Learning Styles logo grey 8 DSSO - Learning Styles
9 Academic writing 9 DSSO - Academic Writing
10 Online Resources logo grey 10 DSSO – Conclusion

It is also possible to access this course using iTunes U: Discover Study Skills Online using iTunes U (Please note, you will need to have downloaded Apple iTunes in order to view this.)

Kieran Bentley in 4 still shots from the video clips lecturing on Study SkillsThese resources have been produced by Sabine Little and Kieran Bentley with the support of the Student Services Department at the University of Sheffield.

We welcome your feedback at outreach@sheffield.ac.uk