Discover Law

Law affects almost everything we do, whether buying a bus ticket, downloading something from the internet or talking on our mobile phones.


Law is the body of rules and regulations that is used to govern a society and the behaviour of its members. It protects our rights from abuse and punishes those who commit crime. If you are interested in making a contribution to a fair society and defending our rights, then a career in law can be very rewarding.

All Discover Law students will get a feel for what studying law at university is really like over two years, as well as an insight into law as a career. Here you will learn about what university is like from our current Law undergraduates.

Pathway structure

Year 12
  • Join us for a welcome event where we’ll tell you all about the pathway
  • Experience real life cases in a Sheffield law court and meet a judge
  • Get careers information from legal professionals at our Discovering Law Conference
  • Experience a three day residential summer school to give you a taste of life as a Law Student
  • Discover all the law degree courses on offer and decide which could suit you best
  • Apply for a law work placement
  • Participate in revision and academic study skills workshops to help with the transition to university
Year 13
  • Get expert guidance on applying to university and student finance at our UCAS workshop
  • Visit a major European Law firm in London and examine how ex-offenders are rehabilitated into society through a research workshop
  • Continue developing revision and academic study skills
  • Join us for a celebration event to recognise your success

Programme outcomes

Adjusted offer

Students who successfully complete the pathway will be eligible for a conditional offer for degrees at The University of Sheffield, subject to meeting pre-requisits, with the exception of degrees in Medicine, Dentistry and Health.

To qualify for an adjusted offer for Medicine you must have completed the Discover Medicine pathway and to qualify for an adjusted offer in Dental Surgery you must have completed Discover Dental Professions.

If you wanted to take a 1 x year gap break before applying to The University of Sheffield, or need to resit A Levels to achieve a higher grade, the adjusted offer would be made available in the following year only.

Support with exam revision

To be successful on the degree course you eventually choose, you will be required to meet certain entry requirements, which are set to reflect the academic level of course content and to ensure that you can be comfortable in achieving a good standard in your degree.

As a participant in Discover you will have free access to an online tutoring platform, where you will be able to work through challenging revision questions, seek support on a particular aspect of a subject, or submit written pieces of work for feedback, working with tutors who have already received qualifications in a range of subjects.

You will receive guidance on how to use the secure platform, which can be accessed from your mobile phone or computer and you’ll be able to book sessions with the tutors at times which are convenient for you, including evening and weekends.

Engaging with the tutoring opportunity is a compulsory part of the Discover programme, designed to support you in achieving the highest grades possible.

How to apply

If you have the potential to achieve good grades at A Level or equivalent and would either be in the first generation of your family to go into higher education, or you are a Looked after Child, look after someone in your family or have a declared disability, you may qualify to apply for the programme.

Talk to the head of your sixth form or your course leader to find out. They will tell you if you are eligible based upon the criteria and information we have provided for them. You and your parents or carers will then need to complete the online application form, via your registered school/college coordinator.

Taking part in the Discover programme shows commitment and could enhance your university application. However, it does not guarantee you a place at university. Places are subject to availability and you can only be registered on one sustained Outreach pathway at the University of Sheffield at any one time.

Eligibility requirements

Academic criteria

A Level (or equivalent) requirements:

  • No specific subject requirements but should be studying at least 3 A Levels or relevant equivalent and at least 2 should be on the University’s acceptable subject list

GCSE requirements:

  • Min. 5 A*-B (or 9-6), plus a minimum of C (4) in English if not already included

Widening participation criteria (meet both)

  • Attend a State School
  • Are in the first generation of their family to enter Higher Education (HE) (other than siblings, or parents who attended HE as a mature student)

Widening participation Criteria (additional - between one and all of the following)

  • Are from a low progression to HE area and the lowest socio-economic groups
  • Are a Looked After Child/Young Adult Carer/Estranged student
  • Are a student with a declared disability
  • Have individual circumstances that mean they will need to overcome other barriers to learning/progression. (We will assess this element on an individual basis, based on the information provided by the school)

Contact us


We are currently working remotely so our usual landline phone lines are not in use. To arrange a call back please email us as listed above. 

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