HEAR about the Whole You

Logo for HEAR Higher Education Achievement ReportUndergraduates who study at Sheffield will now receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to help them showcase both their academic and extra-curricular university achievements.

Over the past five years a national project has developed a ‘record of achievement’ for universities: the Higher Education Achievement Report.  The HEAR is an official electronic document that includes extra-curricular activities as well as academic achievements and course information in order to provide a much richer picture of students’ university learning.

At Sheffield we think it’s really important to give students recognition for the full range of experience they acquire at university, to help them demonstrate their individual capabilities and strengths to people like employers.  For this reason, we’re now giving all of our new undergraduate students a HEAR.  The HEAR can be accessed electronically from day one, so that our students can see it grow during their time here and use it to review their progress with their tutors.  It’s also a useful tool to help students to plan how to make the most of their time here, to ensure that their final HEAR includes evidence of the skills and experience they will need when applying for jobs, or going on to achieve other future goals.  The HEAR will remain accessible as an electronic document even after graduation, so that our students can continue to use it to help ‘unpack’ their Sheffield experience and enhance their employability.

Want to find out more? Visit our HEAR website