Sheffield Methods Institute: Making society count

Sheffield Methods Institute logoA new institute within the Faculty of Social Sciences is launching two new undergraduate courses that allow students to flexibly explore the social sciences and provide skills that employers are looking for.

The Sheffield Methods Institute has been set-up as a strategic response to a nation of graduates lacking the quantitative research skills that our competitive job market demands. The Institute offers two degree programmes that allow students to follow their own interests in the social sciences in a flexible approach, encouraging the development of their own research pursuits. Both degrees have core elements that will train students in the vital research methods that will help make them more employable when they graduate.

Students can combine the study of a variety of social science subjects, taught across the different academic departments. They can choose to study traditional social sciences like Sociology and Geography with a mix of contemporary studies like Criminology or Urban Studies, whilst remaining confident that they will be highly employable upon graduating.

The interdisciplinary teaching style allows students who are undecided on their path into Higher Education the freedom to make decisions about their future as they learn.

Gwilym Pryce, Director of The Sheffield Methods Institute said: “An interest in how and why society works and desire to make a difference is the ideal mix for our degrees. Combined with the practical research skills, our degree programmes provide a unique proposition in Higher Education – an opportunity to explore your passions with the safety net of practical training.”

The Sheffield Methods Institute will provide two undergraduates courses from September 2015:

BA/BSc in Applied Social Sciences

BA Quantitative Social Science

From more information visit Sheffield Methods Institute website