Transition to University

We know transitioning to University can be a challenging time for all involved. Here you will find information to help guide your students and encourage engagement with higher education.

Our activities videos

Student life talk 

Our Graduate Intern, Cesca, gives students an insight into what it is like to be a student at The University of Sheffield. Cesca covers the range of opportunities and experiences available to students throughout their studies, including studying abroad, placement years, part-time work and Languages for All.

Choosing a course and university

In this talk, Dan (UK Student Recruitment Officer) covers the range of factors that students need to consider when choosing a course and university.

The UCAS Process 

In this talk, Dan (UK Student Recruitment Officer) introduces students through the process of applying to university using UCAS. This session perfectly combines with either 'Choosing a course and university' or 'Personal statements' to provide students with more guidance on key parts of the application.

Benefits of a Russell Group university

In this talk, Ella (UK Student Recruitment Officer) introduces the Russell Group and highlights some of the positive aspects that Russell Group universities can bring to their students. Ella focuses on how students can be competitive applicants and what they can be doing now to strengthen their skills and university application.

Personal Statement Workshop

Our Student Recruitment Officer, Ella, has created a workshop designed for students in the early stages of their application process. The interactive session focuses on the structure of the statement and helps students identify their skills and experiences

View the interactive video here.

Why Sheffield talk

In this talk, Dan (UK Student Recruitment Officer) goes through all the amazing things that await you if you choose to come and study in Sheffield.

Applying to Medicine and Dentistry

In this talk, Dan (UK Student Recruitment Officer) introduces students to the Medicine and Dentistry courses at The University of Sheffield, and goes through the application process and how to stand out as an applicant.

Introduction to the EPQ

Dan (UK Student Recruitment Officer) introduces the EPQ and the process that students go through. It is aimed at students who are considering taking an EPQ, or students who are just beginning the project.

Myth busters videos

In these short clips, our Student Recruitment Officers, Dan and Ella, address some common misconceptions about university.

"Do dual degrees mean I'll have double the workload?"

"Do I have to share a room at university?" 

"Do I need to have an interview to get into university?" 

"Do I need to study Chemistry to get into Medicine?"

"Should I include my grades in my personal statement?" 

"Can I afford to go to university?"

"What are the application deadlines?"

"Will I be all on my own at university?" 

"What job will that degree lead to?" 

"What is the EPQ and should I do one?" 

"What is a MOOC?" 


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Depending on circumstances, we may be able to give undergraduate applications additional consideration when we receive them.

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