Dr Casey Stine scoops top international award

caseysSIIBS member Dr Casey Strine has won the The Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise which recognizes outstanding doctoral or first post-doctoral work, the award addresses the topic 'God and Spirituality'.

The awards ceremony was held at Heidelberg University Germany at the Forschungszentrum für Internationale und Interdisziplinäre Theologie (FIIT), which is a research centre for international interdisciplinary theology.  The award was presented by FIIT Director Professor Michael Welker and University President Professor Bernhard. The award ceremony was followed by a two day colloquium, during which Dr Strine presented on his current research project, 'Get Thee Out of Thy Country: Involuntary Migration and the Development of the Patriarchal Narrative (Gen 12–36).'

FIIT strengthens inter­discipli­nary research in academic areas relevant to theo­logy and society. The center has created a network between thirteen autonomous research areas, which are headed by researchers from Heidelberg working in theology and neighbouring disciplines. Moreover, since its foundation in 2005 FIIT has developed new forms of international and interdisciplinary research.

Congratulations Casey!