University Executive Board minutes - 14 June 2022



14 June 2022


Professor K Lamberts (KL) (in the Chair), Professor J Derrick (JD), Professor S Fitzmaurice (SF), Professor S Hartley (SH), Professor J Litster (JL), Professor G Valentine (GV), Professor M Vincent (MV), Professor C Watkins (CW)

In attendance:

Dr T Strike (TS), T Wray (TW), I Wright (IW), S Foxley (SFx), R Scaife (RSx) (Item 1), V Jackson (VEJ) (Items 3-4), D Jones (DJ), D Lodge (DL) (Item 5), Dr S Want (Item 6)


Professor C Newman (CN), Professor D Petley (DNP), R Sykes (RS)


Dr E Smith (ES)

  1. Closed Minute and Paper

  2. Closed Minute

  3. Closed Minute and Paper

  4. Closed Minute and Paper

  5. Closed Minute and Paper

  6. Closed Minute and Paper

  7. Closed Minute and Paper

  8. Report of the UEB Strategic Advisory Group – Student Recruitment and Population

    • (Meeting Held on 23 May)
    • UEB considered and approved the report, including the recommended 2023/24 tuition fees.
    • Action:
      • To identify whether there was scope to increase tuition fees further for certain Social Sciences subjects.
  9. Industrial Action: Report from the Incident Management Tea

    • ​​​​​​​Future Industrial Action
      • ​​​​​​​Members noted that the national University and College Union (UCU) had approved a motion to hold an aggregated ballot over the summer, with the intention of taking further industrial action in September 2022. The importance of maintaining communications with the local campus branch of the UCU during this period, as well as communicating the actions the University was taking to address staff working conditions and pay, was recognised.
  10. Round Table

    • ​​​​​​​Summer Events: IW confirmed that Departments and Schools had received their budget allocations to hold a summer event, which would be booked and managed at the local level.