Our decision

We aim to process decisions as quickly as possible. However, given the volume and quality of applications we receive, we are not always able to make a decision immediately. At busy times of the application cycle, particularly towards the October and January deadlines, there may be delays processing applications, both at UCAS and within the University. Where we are not able to make a decision for some time, we will contact you to explain the situation.

It is the policy of some academic departments to interview applicants before making a decision. Some other departments do not begin considering applications until after the 15 January deadline. In both cases, you should receive a letter or email from the department explaining the procedure.

Once a decision is made, this is communicated electronically to UCAS. You can view the status of your application through the Track facility on the UCAS website:

UCAS website - track your progress

We will also send you an email to let you know that a decision has been made. If we have made you an offer, this email will confirm the details of the course on which we have offered you a place, and include information about course content and tuition fees.

How we make an offer