What to do when you get your exam results


Letting us know your results

If you've accepted a Conditional offer of a place at the University of Sheffield, we'll need to be informed of your exam results.

If you're taking A Levels, Scottish Highers, Irish Leaving Certificates or most BTECs:

UCAS will supply universities with these results automatically. UCAS will also supply universities with International Baccalaureate results if you've given permission for your results to be shared with UCAS.

We'll then assess your results to establish whether or not you've met the conditions of your offer. You won't need to give us any additional information, unless your offer requires you to achieve specific results in other qualifications, such as GCSEs or English language qualifications.

If you're taking other exams:

Where UCAS don't provide us with your results, you'll need to inform us of these yourself. You can do this by emailing scanned copies of your certificates/transcripts:

Email address: study@sheffield.ac.uk
Subject: Qualifications confirmation – [please indicate your course and UCAS ID number]

If they are written in a language other than English, the certificates/transcripts should be accompanied by an authenticated translation.

Please bring your original certificates/transcripts with you when you come to Sheffield to register on your course.

If you're unsure whether or not UCAS will supply us with your results, please check with your school or college.

Changes to your qualifications

Our offer of a place is based on the qualifications information you supplied as part of your UCAS application. If this information has changed, please let us know by Wednesday 5 August 2020. We may not be able to take account of any grades you achieve in qualifications that we weren't previously aware of, and we may not be able to confirm your place if you don't receive grades for all the qualifications required by your offer.

Under UCAS rules, we must have received confirmation that you've met all the conditions of your offer by 7 September 2020. This deadline applies even if you've applied for deferred entry in September 2021. Unfortunately, if we haven't received your marks by 7 September we may not be able to confirm your place.

What happens next?

If you meet the conditions of your offer

  • If we're your FIRM choice:

UCAS will contact you and tell you to check UCAS Track for information. You'll only need to contact us if you want to decline or defer your offer.

  • If we're your INSURANCE choice:

If you've met the conditions of your Firm choice offer, your place should be confirmed at your Firm choice university. If you're unsuccessful at your Firm choice, but you meet the conditions of your offer from Sheffield, your place should be confirmed here. UCAS will contact you and tell you to check UCAS Track for further information. You'll only need to contact us if you want to decline or defer your offer.

When we've confirmed your place, we'll send you pre-arrival information with full details of how to register and what to do before and during Intro Week (21–25 September).

    If you don't meet the conditions of our offer

    One of three things could happen:

    1. In some cases, if there are places available and we believe you're sufficiently prepared for the course, we may still be able to confirm your place. To check, please visit UCAS Track.
    2. We may be unable to confirm your place. If we were your Firm choice of university, you may have a place with your Insurance choice. If neither of your places is confirmed, you'll automatically enter Clearing. You can find information about this on the UCAS Clearing webpages.
    3. Occasionally, we may be able to offer you a place on a different but related course (this is known as a Change of Course offer). This will appear on your UCAS Track page, where you'll be asked to accept or decline the offer within 5 days (after 5 days the offer will be declined by default). If you choose to decline the Change of Course Offer, you'll then go either to your Insurance choice or into Clearing, depending on your circumstances.

      Contact us

      If you have a query about your application before Monday 10 August 2020, please contact the Admissions Service in the usual way via our AskUS service:


      We'll have different arrangements in place over the A Level results (Confirmation), Adjustment and Clearing period (10 August to 19 August):

      • Monday 10, Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 August: The Admissions Service will be closed while we process exam results. We won't be able to respond to enquiries on these days.
      • From Thursday 13 August: Our Confirmation, Adjustment and Clearing Helpline will be available from 8.00am on 0114 212 9900 if you're in the UK, +44 114 212 9900 if you're outside the UK.


      If you're due to start your course in September 2020, ideally you'll already have applied for University accommodation. For Firm offer-holders, to meet our Accommodation Guarantee you need to have made Sheffield your Firm choice through UCAS by Friday 3 July and submitted your accommodation application by no later than 12 noon on Friday 31 July. If you come to Sheffield as an Insurance student, or missed the 31 July deadline, you're also guaranteed accommodation, and you'll be able to apply from 12 noon on Thursday 13 August, until 12 noon on Tuesday 8 September.

      If you're due to start your course in September 2021, we'll send you information about how to apply in early March 2021.

      For more information about applying and the guarantee, or to find out about the different types of accommodation and what to expect when you arrive, please visit the Accommodation website:

      Our accommodation

      If you have any questions about accommodation, please contact Accommodation Services on 0114 222 4488 if you're in the UK or +44 114 222 4488 if you're outside the UK, or email accommodationoffice@sheffield.ac.uk.

        Results and Clearing 2020

        Results and Clearing 2020

        We have places available on some courses for additional high-achieving students through Clearing and Adjustment.