Living costs

We'll help you understand the costs associated with studying at university and plan your budgets accordingly.

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Top tips for your finances

  • Students don't pay council tax.
  • Students get discounted travel.
  • NUS/student discounts: money off everything from meals to haircuts. Some shops don’t advertise it, so don’t forget to ask.
  • Open a student bank account. Some give you a free Railcard, and most will give you an interest-free overdraft (which can be paid back at a later date). Shop around to find the best benefits to suit you.
  • Make a budget before you arrive and try to stick to it. This will stop you from having no money for the last few weeks of term.
  • You’ll need a TV licence when you’re at university. If you go home in the summer, remember to claim back any months you’ve overpaid.
  • Aim to buy any books on your reading list second hand from last year's students.

Accommodation costs

University accommodation charges are based on the standard 42 week contract, although 51 week contracts are available. With the standard contract, you don’t pay for accommodation over the summer break. Generally, with private accommodation, your contract is for the full year.

All figures are approximate and should only be used as a guide.

Full list of rent prices 2022-23 on the accommodation website