Additional funding for postgraduate study

Information about additional funding opportunities for postgraduate students.

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If you are a prospective student, make sure you’ve visited our postgraduate funding hubs, which include signposting to information about government loans and support, alumni discount, scholarships and funding for international students.

Postgraduate taught funding

PhD study​​​​

External resources

There are a range of really helpful existing websites to help you identify and search for funds available to support you with your studies - the below are only suggestions.


There are a few sites that act as a search engine for funding opportunities and may save you time searching for individual schemes.

  • The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding (AGPF) is available to help postgraduate students find alternative sources of funding, particularly from charities. Simply click 'Login' if you are on campus or register using your student email address (ends in  If you are a prospective student, please email to obtain a PIN. 
  • Blackbullion’s Funding Hub enables students to find additional funding for university and include details about funds offered by companies, charities and other organisations. You will need to register to search for funding.
  • The Turn2us Grants Search allows individuals to enter details and be matched to grants for which they may be eligible.

Examples of specific funding opportunities available:

Students with disabilities

  • Disability Grants is a website to help individuals save time finding grants that they may be eligible for.
  • The Snowdon Trust delivers two financial award programmes to help students with a disability to achieve goals in further education, higher education or vocational training.
  • The Student Health Association runs the Student Enablement Fund to help students with disabilities to keep up with their studies. They expect students to have applied for the Disabled Students' Allowance before applying to the fund.


Part-time work

Many students choose to work part-time. As well as boosting your finances, working whilst studying has a range of benefits, such as improving your employability skills. The University recommends that students on full-time courses work no more than 16 hours per week during term time.

The University Careers and Employability Service runs the Employability & Placements Hub based in the Students’ Union and advertises a range of employment opportunities on Career Connect, the University’s job board. 

Careers and Employability Service - prospective students

Careers and Employability Service - current students (student login required)

Career Connect (student login required)

Current students who have worries about affording formal clothing for upcoming job interviews, assessment centres, or a new job can get a free referral to The Suit Works, a Sheffield not-for-profit organisation that offers free outfits from their huge range of pre-loved formal wear, with clothes for all shapes, sizes, and tastes. Just drop into the Employability and Placements Hub in the Students’ Union, where staff will help you with the referral.

Funding schemes for current students at the University of Sheffield

It is expected that you will have secured sufficient funding before you start your course to support yourself and pay your tuition fees for the duration of your studies. If you are a prospective student, please refer to the postgraduate funding hubs for signposting to information about government loans and support, alumni discount, scholarships and funding for international students.

Postgraduate taught funding

PhD study

However, there is some additional funding available to eligible current students, including:

  • The University of Sheffield Nursery Subsidy - eligible students on an income of £25,000 or less can apply to receive nursery subsidy support from the University if they have one child or more with a place at the University of Sheffield Students’ Union Children’s Services Nursery
  • The Participation Grant - eligible students can apply for up to £150 to help them take part in sports and activities led by the Students’ Union and Sport Sheffield
  • Enhanced support for students who are care leavers, students who are estranged, or students with caring responsibilities for an ill or disabled family member
  • Emergency financial assistance - if students face financial difficulties due to exceptional circumstances, they can apply for financial support from the university. Assessments are made based on information students are asked to provide about their income, outgoings and personal circumstances.

Current students can find out more about the existing funding schemes on our web pages.

Funding and financial support from the University (student login required)

In addition, leading up to the publication of undergraduate and postgraduate results, academic departments can award prizes in recognition and celebration of academic achievements. Prizes are usually performance-based against set criteria, such as getting the top mark in a unit of study. They often (but not always) come in the form of a monetary award, a book voucher, or a medal. Prizes are discretionary and may not be awarded every year.

Prizes for academic achievements (student login required)

Help and advice

If you are a prospective student and have any other general enquiries, contact us.

If you need to discuss your financial situation with someone, you can contact the Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union (both prospective students with an offer and current students). 

Student Advice Centre

They have also provided some useful money management information online, available to all.

Student Advice Centre - Money Management

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