Guidance on A Level subject combinations

Students taking A Levels are normally expected to present at least three GCE A Levels for entry to our undergraduate courses. It is important that the subjects you study at A Level provide you with the preparation required for your chosen degree course. In many cases, our offers require applicants to achieve a certain grade in a relevant subject.

However, we are also looking for a suitable overall combination of subjects, and the following lists indicate which combinations provide the best preparation for a Sheffield degree. Please note that we advise you to avoid offering a combination of very similar subjects.

If you are at the point of making your A Level subject choices, and are thinking about subsequently applying to the University of Sheffield, then these lists may help you to decide which subjects to pick. Alternatively, if you have already applied to Sheffield, you might have received an offer which specifies that you achieve particular grades in "acceptable subjects" as defined on this page. If you have any queries about our A Level subject requirements, please contact our Admissions Service via the Applicant Information Desk.

Acceptable A Level Subjects

The table below lists A Level subjects which develop the knowledge-based, theoretical and conceptual learning most relevant to courses at Sheffield. Some of our courses will require A Level students to present one or two A levels from this list. In these cases the requirement will be included in the relevant online prospectus entry.

Students studying the Advanced Diploma plus one A Level, the Welsh Baccalaureate plus two A Levels, or Level 3 BTECs with A Levels, are normally required to present A Level subjects from this list only.

Accounting Government and Politics
Anthropology History
Archaeology/Ancient History History of Art
Biology Languages*
Business Studies Law
Classics Mathematics
Chemistry Music
Citizenship Studies Philosophy
Computing Physics
Economics Psychology
English Language Religious Studies
English Literature Science in Society
English Language and Literature (Combined) Sociology
Environmental Studies Statistics
Further Mathematics Theatre/Performance Studies (including Drama and Theatre Studies Combined)
Geography World Development

*Languages includes modern foreign/community languages taken as individual subjects (for example French, Spanish, Urdu, Gujarati) and classical languages (for example Biblical Hebrew, Latin). For some courses, we may not be able to accept a language qualification designed for non-native speakers when presented by a native speaker. Where this is the case, it will be indicated in the relevant course listing in our online prospectus. Affected students should contact the Admissions Service for advice on the suitability of their qualifications portfolio.

A Level Subjects Acceptable in Combination

The table below lists A Level subjects which primarily develop practical and/or applied learning. Some of our courses only consider these subjects for entry where they are offered with one or two A Levels from the list of acceptable A Level subjects above. In these cases the requirement will be included in the relevant online prospectus entry.

Applied Art and Design Film Studies
Applied Business General Studies**
Applied Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Health and Social Care
Applied Science Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Art and Design Leisure Studies
Communication and Culture Media Studies
Creative Writing Music Technology
Critical Thinking Performing Arts/Drama
Dance Physical Education
Design and Technology (including Home Economics, Food Technology) Travel and Tourism
Electronics Use of Maths

**Some courses do not accept General Studies as part of any combination. If you want to check whether General Studies is acceptable for your chosen course, please contact the Admissions Service.