Applied Social Sciences: Looking at reality TV through a social science lens

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Thursday 2 May 2024
4.30 to 5.50pm


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From Love Island to Big Brother, reality TV is now part of the media landscape, but what impact is this change in programme format having in society?

This interactive session will consider how media and culture influence our knowledge and views.

Looking at reality TV through a social science lens. Why does it matter and what should change?

Within this session, we will use the case study of reality TV to consider how we interpret data and how we create knowledge.

Through the lens of reality TV, we will think carefully and critically about how media and culture influence our knowledge and the significance of using data appropriately.

We constantly see facts and statistics shared about reality TV, as well as the content itself affecting our views on things (think Love Island and fashion trends). So, as a group we will reflect on why this is important, as well as establishing some ideas for changes.

This session is suitable for students in years 12 and 13. 


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and is therefore subject to change.

  • 4.30pm: Log in and get comfortable
  • 4.35pm: Introduction to the Sheffield Methods Institute and Applied Social Sciences
  • 4.45pm: Interactive taster session on 'Looking at reality TV through a social science lens'
  • 5.25pm: Question and answer session with course student ambassadors, session summary and how to find out more
  • 5.50pm: End of session

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