Chemistry: The Evolution of the Periodic Table, the Fundamentals and Beyond

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Thursday 2 May 2024
4 to 5.35pm


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Explore the world of atoms with Dr Anderson as you look at the fundamentals of the periodic table and beyond. You will get the chance to learn what it is like to study chemistry at university by questioning current students.

The Evolution of the Periodic Table, the Fundamentals and Beyond

The periodic table is an immediately recognisable symbol of chemistry. But where did it come from, and how did we get from four elements to 118 and counting?

The real story is more complex and far more interesting than what Google will tell you, involving the work of many people over many decades.

Join Dr Anderson as we uncover the secrets of the atom, learn why the structure everyone learns in school has been known to be wrong for a century, why stopping an artillery shell with a piece of tissue paper was the death sentence of plum puddings, and why the Greeks might have been right all along.

In this session, you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the scientific method by looking into the history of the periodic table and its effect on the knowledge and experimentation we use today. You will even dig into the mysteries of matter, which the Large Hadron Collider seeks to unlock.

This session is suitable for students in years 12 and 13.


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and is therefore subject to change.

  • 4pm: Log in and get comfortable
  • 4.05pm: Welcome and introductions to the University
  • 4.20pm: Mini lecture
  • 4.50pm: Being a chemistry student: question and answer session with student ambassadors
  • 5.30pm: Closing remarks

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