Chemistry taster session

Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of your smartphone? Or how much water it actually takes to make one small cup of coffee? Join PhD students in this session about how chemistry plays a crucial role in the world around us and how chemists are helping to create a more sustainable world

Chemistry taster day

Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

Our planet is plagued by problems caused by seemingly inconspicuous products such as single-use plastics, modern-day electronics, and even the humble coffee cup. Who can help us sort out this sustainability nightmare? Join PhD students Sophia and Will at the University of Sheffield in this online interactive session as they discuss the contributions chemists are making to society, with a particular focus on sustainability and green chemistry.

In this session we will discuss the vital role played by chemists in creating a sustainable world, discovering how current scientists can apply green chemistry principles across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, materials science, and manufacturing, to create more sustainable and environmentally responsible chemical processes and products. We will also see how Chemists here at the University of Sheffield are using clever chemistry to overcome real-world problems and how you can help create a sustainable world too.

Really interesting, helps you understand more about what you study in those subjects at degree level.

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