General Engineering: Engineering in General and General Engineering with an Electrical Flavour

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Thursday 23 May 2024
3.45 to 4.45pm


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Through our unique programme of interdisciplinary teaching, you will learn how to apply the principles of engineering to solve complex real-world problems. Come and find out if this stream of engineering is for you.

Engineering in General and General Engineering at the University of Sheffield with an Electrical Flavour

This taster session will introduce the definition of engineering and what the general engineering programme at the University of Sheffield involves.

Dr Mahmoud Masoud will explore the interdisciplinary context of electric vehicles, as well as the fundamentals of Ohm's law, Kirchoff's voltage law and motor equivalent circuits and closed loop control. You'll also have the opportunity to talk to some of our current general engineering students, as well as Dr Mahmoud Masoud.

This session is suitable for students in years 12 and 13.

It's a great way to enhance your knowledge on subjects that you might not have covered in A Level and you might get a head start in some university content.

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Please note that this is an approximate schedule and is therefore subject to change.

  • 3.45pm: Overview of general engineering
  • 3.55pm: Subject taster talk
  • 4.25pm: Question and answer session with current students

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