Landscape Architecture taster session

This interactive session will consider how Landscape Architects begin to analyse, draw and reimagine a space in order to deliver important environmental and social benefits. Using your own street as a case study we will start to question how to interpret, and possibly improve, the space.

An illustration of an architecture sketch

Reimagining spaces for environmental and social benefit

During this interactive session we will be introducing some simple techniques used by Landscape Architects to analyse, draw and begin reimagining a space. Focusing on your street, or a street which is familiar to you, we will start by considering how it is structured and what defines the space. We will then begin to analyse and reflect on how the streetscape might be adapted in order to deliver wider environmental and social benefits.

This exercise will enable participants to start analysing how external spaces are shaped and defined and to begin thinking creatively about their own vision for improving the landscape and more specifically streetscapes. The exercise will also help students who may later on be asked to supply a supporting portfolio when applying for our undergraduate courses.  

Participants may find it helpful to have paper and a pencil available to begin drawing their ideas

When: Tuesday 18th April 2023, 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Age group: Year 12 and Year 13


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and therefore is subject to change.

Time Activity
4.30pm Log in and get settled
4.35pm Introduction to Landscape Architecture at Sheffield and the session leads
4.45pm Overview and demonstration of the session activity
5.00pm Interactive discussion of ‘streetscapes’ - using participant examples
5.15pm Student Q&A and wrap up discussion and invitation to future Open Days

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