Law: The art of negotiation

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Monday 29 April 2024
3.45 to 5.15pm


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In this interactive session you’ll be introduced to the key strategies and techniques used in a negotiation and apply them in a negotiation role play based on a brief.

Negotiation skills are taught in our LLB courses offered at the School of Law.

The art of negotiation

Negotiation skills are vital for any practising lawyer when resolving a dispute. In this interactive session you’ll be introduced to a number of key tools and techniques that are used in a successful negotiation and how to apply them by taking part in a negotiation role play.

Working in groups, you’ll develop your strategy and take on the other team in a negotiation. Can you secure the best deal for your client?

This session is suitable for students in years 12 and 13. You do not need any prior knowledge of the law.


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and is therefore subject to change.

  • 3.45pm: Welcome and overview of the School of Law
  • 4pm: Interactive taster session
  • 4.45pm: Question and answer session
  • 5.15pm: End of session

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