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In this session we will tackle some of the most urgent questions in relation to misinformation, online conspiracism and distrust in our societies. This session will appeal to those currently studying A Level Politics or planning to do so at university level.

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Misinformation, Trust and Online Media: Is online conspiracism damaging our politics? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been accompanied by an increase in misinformation and online conspiracy theories, as people turned to the internet to answer their health concerns. Misinformation and belief in conspiracy theories are closely linked with vaccine hesitancy and non-compliance with public health measures as well as a general atmosphere of uncertainty, distrust and societal polarisation. As a consequence, there has been much discussion about ways to control the spread of misinformation and disinformation, especially on social media platforms. But what difference does the internet actually make to conspiracy theories? And how can governments and societies respond to the risks associated with misinformation?

In this session, we will tackle some of the most urgent questions in relation to misinformation, online conspiracism, and distrust in our societies. Based on original data from cutting-edge research into Coronavirus conspiracy theories, vaccine hesitancy and media usage, we will explore the impact that online conspiracism can have on how politics is conducted and perceived and which options governments and citizens have to curb misinformation. This session will appeal most to those currently studying A-level Politics or planning to do so at university level and students who are aspiring to work in the public or social justice sectors.

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