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Travelling to Sheffield

Travelling To Sheffield

Find out how to get to the University using local and national transport and view detailed maps of the University campus and the city.

View maps and get travel advice here or use the interactive campus map.


Finding Your Accommodation

Download the Ranmoor/Endcliffe Accommodation Map to locate your block within the University accommodation. Remember, if you are arriving over Intro Weekend, there will be traffic marshals located around the residences to help direct you and help your find your way. We also have an interactive map.

City and central Sheffield

Central Sheffield

If you will be living in one of our City residences, check out our map of Central Sheffield to locate your accommodation.

Take a look at the Central Sheffield Map

Women's Minibus - Get Home Safely

The Women's Minibus is a cheap and safe way for women to get home from a night out. The minibus runs 7 nights a week during term time, and takes you from outside the Students' Union building, Western Bank library or Information Commons, directly to your door (max 2 miles from the Students' Union) for just £1.50. The Ranmoor/Endcliffe accommodation site is within this distance, making the minibus an excellent choice for women living there.

Know that you've got a few late nights planned at the library, and maybe a few chill-out evenings at the SU? You can get a special offer saver ticket; giving you 10 rides home for only £10 - that's a £1 cab! 

Get Home Safely

The current bus timetable is available to view online here.

  • Before midnight you can buy a ticket from the Students' Union Box Office, or the driver when he arrives (space permitting)
  • After midnight wait at the minibus stop outside the Students' Union entrance by the main doors and pay the driver when you board.

Travelling within Sheffield

Travelling within Sheffield is a piece of cake. Faculty and department buildings and the city centre are all easily accessible on foot or by public transport. Here at the University of Sheffield, we are big advocates of walking whenever possible. The current recommendation for walking is 30 minutes a day. Why not take a look at this link to find out more about walking in Sheffield (even if it is just to and from a lecture!) But if it's pouring down with rain, you're running late for a lecture or you're going home from a night out there are other ways to get around.

Tips for Users of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles

Hackney Carriage


• Hail the vehicle or get in on a designated rank
• Tell the driver where you are going – (give as much information as you can)
• You should have enough money to pay for the full fare
• Under no circumstances hand over your mobile phone or any other personal belongings to the driver in lieu of payment or deposit
• Do not agree a fare in advance
• Ensure that the taxi meter is on (by law drivers have to activate the meter at the beginning of a journey) the charge cannot be more than what is displayed on the meter at the destination
• Doors lock in Hackney Carriage Vehicles automatically when the vehicle is in motion. Once the vehicle stops and you have paid the fare the doors should be unlocked

Private Hire Vehicle

• Call or book through an app (a private hire cannot be hailed on the street – if you get into a vehicle that is not pre booked you are putting yourself in danger as an un-booked job can invalidate the insurance)and the driver is more likely than not going to overcharge you for that journey
• Ask the call handler for an estimated price
• Check that you are getting into the right vehicle (confirmation of booking text message should say the make and registration of the vehicle). Keep this message.

Private Hire Taxi

All vehicles

General Taxi

• All Sheffield City Council Licensed vehicles/drivers should have their driver ID displayed clearly inside the vehicle (this is needed to identify the driver if you wish to make a complaint and for peace of mind that this driver is licenced by Sheffield City Council)
• A driver can ask for a deposit but this cannot be more than the final fare
• Be aware that if you soil a private hire or hackney carriage you could be charged a significant amount

Taxi ID

City Taxis logo-s

City Taxis

City Taxis operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is available to book for local as well as long distance journeys. 

All you need to do is call City Taxis on 0114 239 39 39 or visit their website to book online. You can now even book your taxi by downloading the City Taxis app.

If you provide your mobile number, you'll receive a text to confirm your booking and City Taxis will call you when your taxi has arrived.

For more information about student taxi services visit the City Taxis website.

Safe Taxi Scheme

We run a scheme exclusively for Sheffield students, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and City Taxis, so you'll always be able to get home safely from a night out, even if you've run out of cash! 

Just hand your UCard to a Sheffield City Taxis driver in place of payment. Then, you can pay your taxi fare and collect your UCard the next day at the Students' Union Box Office.

First logo

First South Yorkshire buses

First offers a range of discounted options for students:

Annual and termly passes

With First you can buy a student pass for the whole year, or just for one term. Your pass will give you unlimited travel in South Yorkshire on First buses and costs between £90 and £210.

FirstWeek Student Sheffield

First also offers a weekly pass for £8, giving you unlimited travel within Sheffield on First buses on the day of purchase and the following six days. You can buy this ticket from your driver. You'll need to show your driver your ticket & Ucard each time you travel. 

Pay as you go

If you don't think you'll need a termly or annual pass, you can use First Sheffield buses on a pay as you go basis at £1 for a single (one-way) ticket. Remember, you'll need to show the driver your Ucard.

Visit the First South Yorkshire website for more information and to buy tickets.

Stagecoach logo

Stagecoach buses and Supertram


Unirider is available to Sheffield University students with a valid Ucard and costs between £75 and £276. You can choose whether to buy a pass just for buses, or you can include the Supertram as well, and you can choose to buy a Unirider for the whole year or just for one term.


If you show your Ucard you can also buy a £7 student weekly Megarider on the bus from your driver. This ticket has the same boundaries as the Sheffield Unirider but doesn't include the tram.

Pay as you go

If you don't think you'll need a termly or annual pass, you can use Stagecoach Sheffield buses on a pay as you go basis at £1 for a single (one-way) ticket. Remember, you'll need to show the driver your Ucard.

Visit the Stagecoach Sheffield website for more information and to buy tickets.