Moving into our accommodation

We know that you'll have lots of questions. This year we have decided to go digital so you can simply find everything in one place on this page. Find out everything you need to know about moving into University accommodation, from what to bring, where to collect your keys, and how to get here.

We are currently working through our plans and processes to ensure that when you move into university accommodation in September 2020, you will be very informed as to how things will be working to keep you all safe. 

The intention is to extend the period over which you will move into our accommodation so this could be over 4 days to a week rather than just one weekend to ensure that we are following social distancing rules and also making things easier for you. 

All our accommodation complies with the regulations set by the Universities UK Code of Practice. This ensures that we have clear policies and procedures for things like:

• Health and safety
• Maintenance and repairs
• Student welfare

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Below you should be able to find most frequently asked questions and topics in alphabetical order - let us know if you need anything else.