Robotic Process Automation is a great balance between a technical and a business role

Photo of Anjani Wirasinghe
Anjani Wirasinghe
Automation Support Engineer, BDO LLP
Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering (MEng)
Anjani secured a job as an Automation Support Engineer with Accountancy firm BDO LLP in London
Photo of Anjani Wirasinghe

After graduating with an MEng in Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering from the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, Anjani wanted a role that was both technical and could be applied to the corporate world.

"This is when I found Robotic Process Automation. It's a tool to help businesses optimise certain manual computer related tasks that staff in a business do on a day-to-day basis."

"It's a role that requires programming, troubleshooting, working in a group and working with non-technical staff."

"Often a job after graduating from an engineering course can be either very technical or very non-technical, however this role has a very good balance making every day, really enjoyable.

"Robotic Process Automation is still considered new on the job market hence I am very excited to be taking my career in this direction."

Anjani found the group projects that she did on her course really useful for her career. 

" When I have had interviews for jobs, all of the employers were very excited to hear about the group projects I had done. I use the skills I learnt in the group projects everyday in my current technical role at BDO and I'll keep on using them in the future."

There were two other modules where Anjani learnt skills that she has used in her career.

"The Systems Engineering and Object Oriented Programming module taught by Dr Tara Baldacchino, where we produced a burglar alarm system as a group using the systems engineering lifecycle principles with emphasis on IT Hygiene."

"Then the fourth year Agent-Based Modelling and multi-agent systems module with Professor Robin Purshouse, where we used Jira with the Scrum methodology for each group deliverable. This can be used to ensure we can effectively work together as a team and produce a product through weekly/fortnightly deliverables."

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