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Verder Scientific

In 2020, the leading companies for parti cle characterizati on, RETSCH Technology, Microtrac and MicrotracBELunited and became one powerful brand: Microtrac MRB!
Microtrac MRB has a passion for making particle analysis more accurate, more effective andmore convenient to ensure we exceed customer expectations. Our particle size and shapeanalysis solutions options include Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA), Laser Diffractions (LD) andDynamic Light Scattering DLS) / Zeta Potential as well as static image analysis. In addition, wealso offer a comprehensive range of solutions for Gas Adsorption Measurement.

Microtrac MRB
Parsons Lane, Hope, Hope Valley, S33 6RB
Tel: +44 (0)845 458 5196


Glatt is a full-service provider and offers integrated process solutions throughout the entire value chain: from primary particle manufacturing to refining and right up to finished tablets. Glatt is an international operating family owned company with 15 subsidiaries and 3000 employees around the world. The headquarter is located in Binzen in the south-west of Germany.
Glatt covers four areas of expertise:

Process Technology Pharma develops and produces individual production plants for the production and processing of solid dosage forms, like tablets, capsules or pellets. The service portfolio includes integrated process solutions from engineering up to manufacturing. The batch processing technology developments started in 1954 and our continuous processing developments 10 years later in 1964.

Pharmaceutical Services develops solid pharmaceutical dosage forms, with focus on multiparticulate systems, such as pellets, granules, tablets and capsules. The service portfolio covers the full range from feasibility studies & the formulation development over the production of samples for clinical trials, the bulk manufacturing of medicines up to logistic services.

Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals develops, plans and distributes fluidized & spouted bed systems for the food, feed and chemical industries. The service portfolio covers the entire value chain, from particle design to industrial production.

Process & Plant Engineering plans, engineers and implements plant projects for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, fine chemical and the cosmetics industry. The service portfolio ranges from the expansion or modernization of existing production sites to the new construction of an entire plant.

Glatt GmbH
Process Technology
Werner-Glatt-Straße 1
79589 Binzen, Deutschland
Phone: +49 7621 664-0

Hosokawa Micron BV

The Hosokawa Micron Group is specialised in Mixing, Drying, Agglomeration, Compaction, Grinding & Classifying and allied Powder Processing Systems. The main activities are concentrated in the field of design and supply of equipment and systems for mechanical and thermal processing of dry and wet powders.

Hosokawa Micron's main goal is to be leading in the field of powder processing technology and to offer superior products and systems which are always one step ahead of others. Constant efforts and improvements supported by Hosokawa Micron's intensive R&D programs, combined with many decades of practical expertise from the field, have led to an unique range of products which are continuously setting new standards in powder processing technologies.

Hosokawa Micron Group focuses its expertise on these core businesses:

  • Grinding and Classifying
  • Mixing and Drying
  • Particle Modification and Composition
  • Agglomeration and Compaction
  • Containment and Clean Air Technology
  • Measuring and Analysis

The company's strong emphasis on system design capability is backed up by extensive test centre and tolling facilities to support you in finding optimal solutions for your applications. This service is supported by a group of process, mechanical, electrical and project engineering specialists each with specific know how for the design and performance of complete systems and plants.

Hosokawa Micron BV

Gildenstraat 26

7005 BL Doetinchem

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 314 373 333


FluidAir Inc.

Founded in 1983, Fluid Air provides custom, efficient and effective solid dosage processing equipment and systems that can meet the most challenging powder modification and creation application.

A division of Spraying Systems, Fluid Air technology is used to help the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, fine chemical, agriculture, and biopharmaceutical industries daily.

FluidAir Inc.

2119 Fisher Dr.



Contact: William Grutus




The Parsum principle:  Particle measurement directly within the process


The Parsum Inline Particle Probes make it possible to carry out inline monitoring of all granulation processes and allows for the real-time visualisation of granulate growth in batch processes or constant product quality in continuous processes. Critical parameters for these processes, such as spray rate, temperature, air volume, contact pressure, rotational speed, binder amounts, spray pressure, etc., can be controlled and optimised for the specific product. In continuous processes, trends and quality fluctuations can be detected at an early stage.

The consistent development of accessories for process adaptation – the so-called “process interface” has been the principal factor in allowing Parsum to establish itself as the market leader in the area of particle measurement in Fluidised Bed and High-Shear Granulation processes. With the new inline dispersers, Parsum probes can perform measurements even in very high-load, wet and dusty processes.

There are in-line dispersers with low shearing forces ensuring a sensitive treatment of the granules, while particles below 100 µm can be dispersed with high shearing forces, such as found in milling processes. Thus, sticky, wet and most adhesive particles can be separated as needed. 

This means that the growth of particles in fluidized beds or high shear processes can be tracked in real-time. A moisture content of 20 % and more do not interfere the measurement. Even if layers of powder settle on the surface and the windows of the processing chamber, the optics of the probe remain free, due to an elaborate beam design. In continuous processes this enables cleaning intervals up to several weeks and months.    

Parsum has installed more than 450 measuring systems in 25 countries to date. In addition to global pharmaceutical and food companies and the chemical sector, its customer base also includes numerous universities and research institutions. In several R&D projects carried out in cooperation with customers, plant manufacturers and universities; Parsum has put a lot of investment into the advanced development of its particle probes in recent years. 


Parsum Inline Particle Probes:

- IPP 70-S , Standard probe

- IPP 70-Se, Standard ATEX-probe

- IPP 75-S, Probe with individual length up to > 1m

- IPP 80-P, The pharma probe


Parsum case studies:  





Contact: Stefan Dietrich

Phone.: +49 (0) 371 26758690 

Mobil: +49 (0) 160 97277860



Address:  Parsum GmbH, Reichenhainer Straße 34-36, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany


S3 Process supplies leading process equipment to pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland. With our experienced team of consultants, we support clients through equipment selection, specification, design, build, testing, installation and validation to ensure every piece of process equipment is delivered as part of a fully integrated solution.

Our technology partners at Gerteis and GEA are world leaders in both dry and wet granulation processes for both batch and continuous, including high potent applications.  R&D, clinical scale and production technologies are all available. For wet granulation, we offer integrated fluid bed batch and continuous processes. With fluid-bed, multi-process capability, we can add spray granulation and particle coating options. We offer a full range of world leading dry granulation technologies including high potency and fully contained applications.

GEA is a well-established and reliable provider of process technology for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. Our extensive portfolio encompasses single units, modular systems, and complete production lines that cater to powder processing, oral solid dosage forms, parenterals, and semi-solids.

We take pride in our expertise in tablet compression, coating, continuous manufacturing, and containment. With the most comprehensive range of process technologies, we have an unmatched track record in identifying the most appropriate solutions for your specific application.

At GEA, we specialize in providing proven solutions for even the most challenging dosage forms, such as oncology drugs, multiple unit pellet system (MUPS) tablets, effervescents, and multilayer pellets. As containment experts, we offer a wide range of solutions for contained processing, based on a thorough understanding of containment risk analysis, to determine the most suitable solution.

In recent years, significant technical advancements have been made in granulation technology, enabling us to identify optimal solutions for every product mix and production combination. As pioneers in the field, GEA has been at the forefront of driving these developments and striving to provide the perfect solution for your granulation application.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG – your roller compactor experts 

From R&D trials to Continuous manufacturing, Gerteis Roller Compactors are ideal for dry-granulation processes. They can process powders, even those with poor flow characteristics - without the need for vacuum or roller cooling. The Pactor series can be upgraded for high-containment applications when manufacturing potent pharmaceutical compounds. Linear scale-up from R&D to Full-Scale production is seamless due to Gerteis’ patented feed design. Our product portfolio includes machines capable of product outputs ranging from 10g per trial up to 400kg/hr.   


Ytron-Quadro’s technology based solutions to processing requirements for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Chemical industries are based on many years of experience within the processing industry.
Originally supplying the Quadro Comil from Quadro Engineering and liquid mixing and air free powder incorporation systems from Ytron GmbH, our capabilities now cover a wide range of process technologies from Fitzpatrick, for dry granulation with the CCS range of roller compaction systems, to sampling devices for powders and liquids from Labocontrole, together with gel, cream and paste manufacturing using rotor/stator systems within vacuum mixing vessels from VMI.


Orthos Engineering Ltd

Helping you reach the highest level of granulation engineering excellence with ALEXANDERWERK and EIRICH. Orthos work to provide the best solutions for your production needs.

Specialise in the development and production of roller compaction and granulation machines for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. With their WP 120 Pharma unit (as seen at University of Sheffield) Alexanderwerk offers a roller compactor specifically designed for use in R&D departments or small scale production. Even batches of as little as 5g can be processed on the WP 120 Pharma.

Their R-type intensive mixer was developed for the most diverse jobs in the processing of raw materials, mechanical mixtures and compounds. Variable setting of machine components and the input energy range ensures a high degree of efficiency. With their EL1 unit (as seen at University of Sheffield) Eirich offers a high shear mixer granulator specifically designed for use in laboratories.

Address: Orthos (Engineering) Ltd
No.2 The Point Business Park
Market Harborough
LE16 7QU
Tel. 01858 464246

A J Tyzack

PROCEPT supply R&D particle processing technology and equipment; Spray Dryer-Congealer, Fluid Bed, Tablet Coater, High Shear Granulator-Vacuum Dryer, Extruder, Nutsche Filter-Dryer. Our engineering concept is based on Modularity, Visibility, Accuracy and Customization.
XEDEV, PROCEPT’s sister company, is a Service Provider in Particle Engineering and Process Development, operating under a ‘fee for service’ principle. XEDEV offers services from a one-day process feasibility run to complete process and formulation development, technology transfer, scale-up and analytical support.
Together we make the difference by combining expertise in Process, Formulation, Analytical with Equipment Engineering in the applications of drying, agglomeration and coating. /

NEUHAUS NEOTEC is a leading manufacturer of processing plants for the food industry, fine chemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for biotechnology. We offer solutions from process development to the design of single machines up to complete systems. NEUHAUS NEOTEC, since 1991 a member of the KAHL Holding with approx. 900 employees worldwide, is active in two business areas - coffee processing as well as drying technologies.

In the field of coffee processing, our machines and systems cover all process steps from green coffee intake to blending, roasting and grinding of coffee.

In the field of drying technology, we supply customized solutions for drying, agglomeration, spray granulation, microencapsulation and coating processes on the basis of the fluidised bed technology.

A J Tyzack & Co represents complementary leading international companies providing equipment and services into the process industries. Finding Process and Particle Engineering solutions is our speciality whether it be to meet an R&D challenge, production improvement or formulation requirement. Over 35 years of experience combined with our partners’ expertise means we can find the right solutions even in the most challenging situations. We will be showcasing PROCEPT, XEDEV and NEUHAUS NEOTEC.

Contact Details:

A J Tyzack

Tel. : +44 (0)1625 574111


International Granulation Workshops

The Granulation Conference showcases the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology.

We welcome your abstracts for oral or poster presentations, or any enquiries that you may have.