Topics covered at the 6th International Granulation Conference 2013 at Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield.


The Macro Scale I: Processing for Granulation

  • Fluidised Bed Spray Granulation
  • High Shear Granulation
  • Extrusion-Spheronisation and Pelletisation
  • Roller Compaction and Tabletting
  • Coating and Encapsulation
  • Continuous Granulation (inc. feed rate and granule composition)
  • Scale-Up
  • Evaluating Product Performance
  • Environmental Aspects/Energy Consumption
  • Overall Process Concepts & Design
  • Tools for Process Control
  • Granulation: Variability and Error

The Macro Scale II: Applications

  • Pharmaceutical Granulation and Tabletting
  • Agglomeration in the Food Industry
  • Detergent and Personal Care Products
  • Nano-Granulation
  • Green Granulation - Innovative Processes
  • Agglomeration in Suspension-Flocculation
  • Agglomeration in Metallurgical Industry
  • Fertiliser Granulation
  • Catalyst
  • Agglomeration in other Processes
  • Undesired Agglomeration

The Meso Scale: Mechanistic Description

  • Wetting and Nucleation, and Growth and Consolidation
  • Granulation Rate Processes
  • Breakage in Granulation
  • Characterisation of Material Properties and their Influence on Granulation
  • Binder Properties
  • Transport Phenomena during Granulation
  • Stress Distributions and Flow Profiles in Granulation Processes

The Micro Scale: Granules and Smaller

  • Structure-Property (Granule Structure, Product Performance)
  • Product Structure vs Application Properties
  • Droplet; wetting, spreading and rebound phenomena
  • Interparticle Forces
  • Hierarchically Structured Granules
  • New Granule Characterisation Methods

Towards a Generalised Model of Agglomeration

  • High Viscosity and Low Viscosity Binders
  • High Shear and Low Shear Granulators
  • How do Design the Optimal Agglomerator
  • How to Control Properties (Shape, Density, Strength and Size)

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