Granulation course


29th - 30th June 2015

Prior to the conference there was a 2-day Granulation Course, led by experts from the pharmaceutical, food, and detergent industries, designed for those working in industrial granulation or PhD students.

The course comprised a 'hands-on' granulation experience as well as a variety of lectures in order to explain contemporary challenges facing the granulation community.

Course content

1. Introduction Prof. Agba Salman, University of Sheffield
2. Introduction to Granulation Prof. Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca
3. Wet High Shear Granulation Regime Map Dr Ian Gabbott, AstraZeneca
4. Batch granulation: Process and Formulation Variables Prof. Agba Salman, University of Sheffield
5. Continuous Processing in the Pharmaceutical Industry Claire Tridon, GSK
6. Material Science for Powders Dr Gerhard Niederreiter, Nestle Research
7. Product & Process Design Dr Dave Doughty, Hallidex
8. Measuring, Analysing and Modelling Particle Size Prof. Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca
Practical sessions  
1. Roller compaction Manfred Felder, Alexanderwerk
2. Extrusion: Spheronisation Dr Csaba Sinka, University of Leicester
3. Batch Granulation

Dr Bob Sochon, GSK

Sonja Jeßberger, EIRICH GmbH & Co KG

4. Tabletting Dr Vikram Chouk, Addivant Global Technology
5. Finished product characterisation Dr YuenSin Cheong, P&G
6. Continuous granulation

Riyadh Al-Asady, University of Sheffield

Mohammed Saleh, University of Sheffield

International Granulation Workshops

The Granulation Conference showcases the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology.

We welcome your abstracts for oral or poster presentations, or any enquiries that you may have.