Manfred Felder

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Manfred Felder is the Process Development Manager of ALEXANDERWERK GMBH in Remscheid in Germany. He is a process engineer and finalized his study 1993 at the university of applied sciences in Cologne, Germany. In 1994 he started his work at ALEXANDERWERK AG and is now 25 years with the company. He was hired as a process engineer with full responsibility for process design of turnkey soda ash plants worldwide and was active part of the commissioning team. In 2000 he switched into the sales group and became responsible for soda ash plants and compaction plants worldwide as well as pharmaceutical roller compactors in Europe. From 2008 to 2016 he took over the responsibility for ALEXANDERWERK INC in the US. From 2012 to 2018 he was responsible for service group as managing director of ALEXANDERWERKSERVICE GMBH. Based on his knowledge and long-time experience with roller compactors he was promoted to the Process Development Manager, responsible for development of machines, processes and products as well as responsible for technical lab, machine scale up and plant design. Parallel to this promotion he was announced as an authorized officer of ALEXANDERWERK GMBH. Furthermore, he is the Vice-President of Technology of ALEXANDERWERK INC.