The Macro Scale I: Processing for Granulation Processes

• Fluidized Bed Granulation
• High Shear Granulation
• Twin Screw Granulation
• Roller Compaction
• Spray Drying
• Extrusion-Spheronisation and Pelletization
• Tableting
• Coating and Encapsulation

The Macro Scale II: Applications

• Agglomeration in the Food Industry
• Sensory Perception and Mouthfeel of Food Particles
• Pharmaceutical Granulation
• Fertilizer Granulation
• Detergent and Personal Care Products
• Agglomeration in the Metallurgical Industry
• Agglomeration in Suspension-Flocculation
• Nanoparticle-Granulation
• Agglomeration in Catalysts
• Bio-granulation-Aerobic granulation
• Undesired Agglomeration and Powder Caking
• Green Granulation - Innovative Processes

The Meso Scale: Mechanistic Description

• Wetting and Nucleation, and Growth and Consolidation
• Granulation Rate Processes
• Breakage in Granulation
• Transport Phenomena during Granulation

The Micro Scale: Granules and Smaller

• Structure-Property (Granule Structure, Product Performance)
• Droplet; wetting, spreading and rebound phenomena
• Interparticle Forces – Particle Adhesion – Sintering – Liquid bridge
• New Granule Characterisation Methods
• Hierarchically Structured Granules

Science & Technology of Reconstitution

• Fundamentals of Reconstitution: Wetting, Capillarity, Dispersion, Dissolution
• Innovative Analytical Methods to measure Reconstitution
• Mathematical Modelling of Reconstitution Processes
• Powder Processing Technologies to enhance Reconstitution
• Effect of Powder Structure on Reconstitution and related Functional Properties

Systems Engineering of Granulation Processes

• Control of Granulation Processes
• Control and Optimisation of Flowsheets
• Dynamic Flowsheet Modelling.

General Topics

• Continuous Granulation (including Feeding, Blending and Granule Composition)
• Process Control in Continuous and Batch Systems
• Tools for Process Control and PAT
• Scale-Up
• Powder Mixing
•Toxicity of Nanoparticles
• Evaluating Product Performance
• Environmental Aspects / Energy Consumption
• Granulation: Variability and Error
• On-line measurement
• Affordability/Economics of Granulation
• Industrial Challenges in Manufacturing
• Feed Forward Control based on Powder Characterisation
• Fast Start up and Shut downs
• Quality Monitoring