9th International Granulation Workshop (2019)

The 9th International Granulation Workshop took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. The granulation conference is the place to showcase the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology, with attendance from a range of universities and industry worldwide.


Granulation Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland

26th - 28th June 2019

Lausanne Palace (26th & 27th) and & Nestlé Research Vers-chez-les-Blanc (28th), Lausanne, Switzerland

Granulation Conference programme 2019

Granulation Course, Sheffield, UK

8th - 10th July 2019, Sir Robert Hadfield Building, University of Sheffield

Following the conference in Switzerland was a three-day Granulation Course in Sheffield, UK comprising a 'hands-on' granulation experience as well as a variety of lectures in order to explain the current challenges facing the granulation community.

Download the workshop flyer (pdf, 966kb)

Download the list of abstracts (pdf, 11mb)

Download the Oral presentation timetable (pdf, 659kb) and checklist (pdf, 390kb)

Download the Poster presentation timetable (pdf, 570kb) and checklist (pdf, 321kb)

Have a look at the list of topics covered and some photo galleries from the Workshop.

International Granulation Workshops

The Granulation Conference showcases the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology.

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