9th International Granulation Workshop (2019)

Granulation Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland

26th - 28th (Wed. - Fri.) June 2019
Lausanne Palace (26th & 27th) and & Nestlé Research Vers-chez-les-Blanc (28th)
, Lausanne, Switzerland

Granulation Course, Sheffield, UK

8th- 10th (Mon.- Wed.) July 2019
Sir Robert Hadfield Building, Chemical & Biological Engineering Dept., S1 3JD, University of Sheffield, UK

The 9th International Granulation Workshop will be taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland. The granulation conference is the place to showcase the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology with attendance from a range of universities and industry worldwide.

We are still accepting abstracts for Poster paper and Poster only presentations. We strongly encourage authors to submit an accompanying paper for a poster presentation, and the paper will be included in the conference proceedings. More information about Abstract submission can be found here.

For more information, please contact the Organisation Committee: granulationworkshop@sheffield.ac.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to Lausanne for the conference in 2019.
We also look forward to seeing you in Sheffield for the granulation course in 2019.

Prof. Gerhard Niederreiter
Prof. Agba Salman
Prof. Stefan Palzer
Prof. Jim Litster

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