Posters and Competition

Poster Format

For those presenting a poster at the conference, the format must be in A0 portrait (vertical, 841 × 1189 mm). On the day you are to present your poster, you are advised to put it up in the morning before the first plenary session. You will then need to take it down at the end of the day.

Poster Presentation

Poster presentations will be split into two groups: one group will be presenting on 26th June and the other group on 27th June.

If you are presenting your poster on 26th June, you can put up your poster after registration. We kindly ask that you then take your poster down after the final oral presentation session and before we leave the venue.

If you are presenting your poster on 27th June, you can put your poster up prior to the first plenary lecture, and then take it down before you leave the venue.

If you would like to enter the poster competitions and have not already informed the Organisation Committee, please can you let us know (


There will be poster competitions at the conference, sponsored by GSK, AstraZeneca, Alexanderwerk and TTC.

The judges will comprise a panel drawn from academia and industry.

Poster Competitions

The GSK Prize for the Best Pharmaceutically Relevant Poster

The posters will be judged on their clarity, presentation, novelty and understanding of the applicability to the pharmaceutical industry. This competition is only open to undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The AstraZeneca Most Innovative Research Poster Competition

This prize is sponsored by AstraZeneca and is open to all posters. The posters will be judged on their clarity, presentation and novelty.


The Glatt Best Poster Competition

Posters will be judged on how well they communicate across a scientific topic. This competition is also open to all posters not just student posters.


The Alexanderwerk Prize for the Best Poster in Dry Granulation

This prize is sponsored by Alexanderwerk and is open to pharmaceutically relevant posters from academia and industry.