Professor Karen Hapgood

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Professor Hapgood is most well known for her work on nucleation during wet granulation, and her broader research interests include pharmaceutical powder processes. She works with a range of companies on research to solve industrial problems, particularly in pharmaceuticals.

She received the 2006 AAPS New Investigator in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology award, the 2011 ADC Future Summit “Australian Leadership Award” and the 2013 Chemeca Caltex Teaching Award of Excellence.

Professor Karen Hapgood spent five years in the US pharmaceutical industry before joining Monash University in 2006, where she co-founded the Monash Advanced Particle Engineering Laboratory. In March 2017, she started a new role as the Dean of School of Engineering at Deakin University after 5 years as the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University.

She is a Fellow of IChemE and Engineers Australia, and served as Executive Editor of Advanced Powder Technology from 2013-2016.