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Ranjit Dhenge is Platform and Process Engineering Team Leader in Global Supply Chain, Ware, UK site within GlaxoSmithKline. Ranjit has completed a PhD at The University of Sheffield, UK in 2012. His PhD topic was, ‘Continuous Wet Granulation using Twin Screw Granulator’. After PhD, he joined Nestle in York, UK, as a Product Technologist. He worked on extruded-confectionery product development using Continuous Twin Screw Extrusion. In 2014, he moved to The University of Sheffield as a Post- Doctoral Researcher where he was actively engaged in the research activities in the area of Continuous Pharmaceutical Granulation with special attention to formulation science and process development. Ranjit’s current research interest in GlaxoSmithKline is in developing the understanding of the new secondary continuous manufacturing technologies for the adoption in the Oral Solid Dosage development