Key details

Key programme information including duration, intakes and accreditation.

A trainee nurse taking a patient's pulse.

Award: BMedsci Nursing (Adult)

Programme duration: 18 months (37.5 hours a week supernumerary)

Intake: March

Accreditation: Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) approved

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Key programme information

The programme aims to produce nurses who have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to apply current research and policy to their practice and develop the leadership and problem-solving skills to practice safely and effectively so they can enter the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Professional Register as an adult nurse.

  • The programme is an Apprenticeship Degree course.
  • The 18 months are split into three units in two parts): Level 5 Part 2 and Level 6 Part 3.
  • The endpoint assessment is integrated into the programme.
  • This leads to registration as an Adult Nurse, covering all fields of practice.
  • The course is split into study blocks and blocks of supernumerary practice.
  • Annual leave blocks are set throughout the programme.
  • Apprentices complete 1,150 hours of theoretical learning and 1,150 hours of supernumerary practice learning.

How is this achieved?

The students will RPL out of the first three units of the three-year programme Nursing Degree.

Nurse degree apprentices will undertake theoretical study blocks and have different supernumerary placements in each unit so they have a variety of experiences which will enable them to meet the NMC requirements.

Practice learning opportunities will facilitate the nurse apprentice to develop and meet the standards of proficiency for registered nurses to deliver safe and effective care to a diverse range of people across the four fields of nursing practice: adult, mental health, learning disabilities and children’s nursing. Placement experiences will be in hospitals, other health institutions and in the community.

A blended learning approach will provide the nurse degree apprentice with a variety of learning opportunities and resources which will facilitate their achievement of the NMC proficiencies and programme learning outcomes, and be capable of demonstrating the professional behaviours of the NMC Code. Nurse degree apprentices are empowered and supported to become resilient, caring, reflective and lifelong learners who are capable of working in interprofessional and inter-agency teams.

The programme acknowledges and respects the knowledge, skills and experience the nurse degree apprentice brings to the programme. The nurse degree apprentice will be supported, supervised and assessed by university and practice staff to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to meet the standard required of a registered nurse and degree-level study. The nurse degree apprentice will be encouraged to critically reflect on their knowledge and skills throughout the programme.

The nurse degree apprentice will need to successfully achieve a range of assessment tasks and a practice assessment in each unit to successfully complete the learning outcomes of the programme.

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