Thank you, alumni volunteers!

Each year, alumni from across the globe give thousands of hours of time, helping students to build their career confidence and see what they can achieve after graduation.

Sheffield alumnus and student engaged in conversation.

Fellow Sheffield alumni get involved in a huge range of opportunities as volunteers;  to support the university, re-connect with fellow graduates and share their expertise with current students. Alumni have navigated the uncertainties of post-graduate life and gone on to build successful and fulfilling careers, demonstrating the many paths a Sheffield degree can offer. By volunteering your time at the University  you can share your experience and help inspire the next generation of professionals. 

So, whether you live locally or on the other side of the world, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved; register your interest now!

Coach Café

Coach Café is an online initiative that connects volunteers from our global alumni community with current students. Through speed networking sessions and open group discussions, students are given the opportunity to gain knowledge from both recent graduates and more experienced alumni working in their chosen fields. 

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To kick off this year, the first Coach Café focused on Careers in Marketing, Communications and Media. The online event was a resounding success, with 91% of student attendees reporting a significantly improved understanding of career roles in these industries. The momentum continued with the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences Coach Café, where an impressive 90% of attendees reported feeling more confident about their career prospects.

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Check out our student’s feedback!

Rebecca Symns-Rowley, 3rd year English Language and Literature student

“Coach Café is a great way to build your network and get fantastic advice. Even if you’re not sure what to do as a career, the coaches have valuable tips on just about everything 

Coach Café was a great space for me to hear about first-hand experiences in the media sector which I hope to go into, but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak to people from a variety of backgrounds”

Matthew Edward Molloy, 4th year Business Management with Employment Experience

“Events like Coach Café provide students like myself with the chance to resolve any uncertainties we have before we pursue a professional career and recognise what is possible for a University of Sheffield graduate through the achievements of its alumni.”

Hermes Uribe, Urban and Regional Planning Masters student

“As an international student my participation in Coach Café was like a gift, because all the coaches were very open to share their experience and advice. They came through similar challenges and fears, and they succeeded in one way or another. 

After this event I have more confidence about what to do after my graduation and I increased my network.”


Discover what Sheffield alumni have to say!

Bent Bunge (BA Business Management and Informatics 2016)

“The Coach Café programme is a wonderful opportunity to pass on your experience, meet other alumni, and reflect on your workplace journey thus far. This session left me quite excited about my own career future!”

Giorgia Guantario (BA Journalism Studies 2018)

“It was great to see students so engaged and curious. Figuring out what you want to do in life is really difficult, and I think these sessions are really valuable to give students a snapshot into the life of a professional marketer.”