The Eccles (Independent - Pioneer Network)

We are a group of people from all walks of life who have discovered and experienced God's love personally through Jesus, and love the reality of God's presence through Holy Spirit. Our vision is to enable people to be real with themselves, real with God and real with their communities.


We meet on most Sundays at Common Ground, Machon Bank, Sheffield, S7 1GR. 

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  • Phone: +44 7967 559675
  • Address: The Eccles Hub Alpha House, 10 Carver St, S1 4FS

Inclusivity questions 

We have attempted to reflect accurately this church's responses. Phrases in quotation marks are exact quotations.

  • What is your policy on gender roles/equality in leadership? "Both men and women are able, and do, hold leadership positions (not just wives or married women). All (regardless of gender identification) are able to fully participate in community life."
  • What is your policy on same-sex relationships, especially with regard to leadership? "We do not have a formal position on same-sex relationships and are aware that individuals within the church may have different views. As leaders, we have in the past been involved in supporting gay friends running a small group for LGBT people and our ethos as a church is to be welcoming and inclusive to all. We cannot though currently state a formal consensual view on leadership positions."
  • What provision do you have for people with specific accessibility needs? "We always hire accessible facilities." The Eccles says that it will do its best to ensure that all are welcome.

I love the hunger for God and reality, but it is the lasting community and friendship that has kept me here. As students we spent all day together after the service hanging out, discussing our faith and often praying together naturally.


The Eccles attendee

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